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Unplanned America S03 premieres on Australia Day 2016 | @SBS2 @gonzounplanned

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Unplanned America - Parv, Nick & Gonzo
Image - SBS

The Unplanned American road-trip documentary series, Unplanned America returns with a third series on SBS 2. Premiering over a double episode, Aussie mates Gonzo, Nick and Parv continue to travel the US of A, exploring the lesser seen side of American culture.

In this six-part season, the boys fear for their lives when they go on psychedelic voyage with a cannabis shaman in Colorado; go off the-the-grid at anarchist skate commune Skatopia; spend time with internet sex workers while exploring cam girl culture; partake in not one but two New Orleans Voodoo ceremonies; experience the blood, sweat and beers of the World Beer Pong Championship; get a lesson in the second amendment from the Texas Militia and a whole lot more…

So buckle up and hit the road with Gonz, Nick and Parv in the enlightening and surprising new series of Unplanned America.

Blood, Sweat and Beers: Tuesday, 26 January at 9.20pm on SBS 2

From the ultra-competitive World Beer Pong Championships in Las Vegas to life on the fringes of society at an anarchist skateboarding commune in Ohio, the boys explore some uniquely American sporting culture.

Clash of Cultures: Tuesday, 26 January at 9.50pm on SBS 2

From the Lumbee Indians of North Carolina to New Orleans Voodoo the boys explore clash of cultures in modern America.

Unplanned America S03 (6 eps) - double ep premiere Tue 26 January 2016; then single episodes weekly.