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A World of Design for Shaynna Blaze | @ShaynnaBlaze @NikoleGunn @Foxtel

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Shaynna Blaze
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If you only know Shaynna Blaze from The Block or Selling Houses Australia, then her next TV venture may come as a bit of a surprise.

Premiering this Monday on Foxtel’s Lifestyle HOME channel is the two-part special “Shaynna’s World of Design”. She’s on her own as she chases a design dream.

An interior designer for 20 years, Blaze has been presented with the opportunity to create a unique lighting range for global home-wares store One World Collection. 

But this more than just a show about some lights. Part travelogue, part design show, it follows the entire creation process from inspiration to production. Shaynna’s World of Design takes viewers on a journey; literally and figuratively.

“It was really exciting and felt very good doing it.  Even though it was about getting inspiration and finding what’s out there, it was actually looking at what I do and how I work. You know, what I do in the design world away from TV.  Creating products and designs, conversing with other people and getting inspiration and sharing it with other people”.

The show follows Shaynna from her home base in Melbourne to Milan, Venice and New York as she seeks expert advice and inspiration from some of the best in the business.  It also shows Shaynna in a different light, away from the team dynamics of shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

“I’ve worked with the producer and the cameraman before. So, it was almost like us going away and having a good time and thinking “I can’t believe we’re doing this”.  And I think it gave me permission to really, really be myself because they knew me so well.
And even though I was going on this journey for my lights, that was only part of the story.  I really wanted people to see how I come about it and how I create things, but also what can you take away from it. It was never meant to be self indulgent”

The concept behind Shaynna’s World of Design is really strong.  It doesn’t preach or pontificate about ‘all things design’, but does open a window on the enjoyment it’s host gets out of design. 

There’s no reason why there can’t be another season and another season on top of that.

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Shaynna’s World of Design premieres 8.30pm, Monday December 7th on Lifestyle HOME.