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Airdate: Tiny House Australia with Andrew Winter | @Foxtel

ProgrammingKevin Perry

Andrew Winter

It’s a movement that’s sweeping the world – ‘going tiny’ as people trade in space for simplicity.  And now Australians are embracing small too as Selling Houses Australia’s Andrew Winter discovers in this intriguing local series, TINY HOUSE AUSTRALIA.

In a country like Australia where homes are among the largest in the world, with an average house coming in at 243 square metres, tiny houses – with some measuring just 10 square metres – are proving that size doesn’t matter, it’s creativity that counts.

Premiering on LifeStyle HOME on Monday, January 4 at 9.30pm, TINY HOUSE AUSTRALIA is an eight-part series that celebrates the tiny house movement of extreme downsizing Down Under.

Each 30 minute episode follows real prospective homebuyers on a quest to find their mini dream home. But even though these homes are small in stature, the challenges of finding the perfect mini-home is as big as, or even bigger than, any real estate hunt.

With three homes to choose from in each episode, our buyers will have a tough choice deciding which small space to go for, because picking the right one is a huge decision.

Viewers will meet Alanna and Zeb, who hope to leave big-city Brisbane and move two hours away to small-town Kin Kin, QLD. They're on the hunt for a simpler, stress-free life, and a tiny home with land so they can raise livestock and live sustainably. But with her strict budget and his need for a big kitchen, will they be able to find the right home to fit their family of five?

Then there is Taylah and Thomas who, after dating for three years, have decided to buy their first tiny home together. Thomas is a high school teacher and Taylah is just starting college, and although this young couple wants to go tiny, they want a home that's spacious enough to each have their own private space. With a small budget and differing views, will they find a home to suit their individual tastes, or will going tiny be a recipe for disaster?

From a 29 sqm tent house to a 37 sqm tiny tower loft, our families soon learn that despite being small, the tiny house movement isn’t necessarily about sacrifice.