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Daniel Jofre crowned winner of TBL Families | @channelten

RecapKevin Perry

Daniel Jofre
image - supplied/Ten

Quiet achiever Daniel Jofre was tonight crowned the winner of TBL Families, having lost over 50 kilograms which equates to nearly 40 per cent of his body weight.

Daniel, at just 24 years of age, was the youngest male contestant of this year’s competition, but what he lacked in experience, he made up for in hard work and determination.

Facing off at the Grand Finale against his two older brothers, a victorious Daniel left the competition having shed 51.6 kilograms, or 39.1% of his starting weight, with a final weight of 80.4 kilograms.

Daniel said: “I am extremely proud of being crowned The Biggest Loser for 2015.

“I am equally proud of my family and the fact that we were able to start and finish this incredible journey together as a family.”

It will be interesting to see if Daniel becomes the last champion of TBL after another season of disappointing ratings, Ten has so far refused to comment on the series future.

Daniel not only takes home the $100,000 cash prize for winning TBL Families but the young man is ready to embrace the exciting and long life ahead of him.

He returns to Melbourne with a new level of confidence and energy which he believes will allow him to live the life of a happy, active, 24-year-old man.

image - supplied/Ten

Daniel’s TBL Families journey was shared with his Uncle Rob and older brothers Pablo and Tony.

The unstoppable Jofre family proved the team to beat, winning 14 of the season’s 20 challenges and taking out The Biggest Loser title for 10 of the 13 weekly weigh-ins. The Jofres went on to make history, as the only family in TBL history worldwide to make it to Finals week with their entire family still in the competition.

With Uncle Rob eliminated just shy of the Grand Finale, he was named the Biggest Losing contestant, losing 59.3 kilograms and gaining $10,000. Rob also capped off his night of celebrations by finally marrying Emma, his fiancée of 10 years, in a romantic, surprise ceremony with his nephews by his side.

The Jofre family rounded out their season by being named the Biggest Losing family, losing a combined 208.6 kilograms and gaining another $100,000 as a family.

Daniel said: “We are incredibly excited about the endless opportunities that lay ahead of us. As a family we are so grateful for all the knowledge we have gained and cannot wait to share this with others.”

Trainer Michelle Bridges, who coached the Jofres to victory, said: “It was our dream. We said it right from the start. And we did it!”