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The Epicentre of the Ebola Crisis - This weekend on 60 Minutes

ProgrammingKevin Perry
 image - Nine Network

image - Nine Network

Sunday, February 22, at 8.10pm on Channel Nine

It’s the violent and deadly virus that is threatening the population of West Africa and has the rest of the world extremely scared. Already more than 23,000 people have been infected and 9000 have died from ebola.

This week on 60 Minutes, Michael Usher goes to the epicentre of the crisis in Sierra Leone, seeing firsthand the devastation facing those struck down by the virus. It’s a lonely and awful death.

Caring for the victims is a very special Australian volunteer nurse who is on her third trip to the ebola death zone in 12 months. Every day, Anne Carey and her brave colleagues risk their lives to give hope and comfort to the sick and dying. The frontline battle against this highly contagious virus is terrifying and desperately sad, but Anne’s selflessness and compassion shines like a beacon.

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Phil Goyen



As movie stars go, Bradley Cooper would have to be Hollywood’s brightest. And after his compelling performance in American Sniper he has received his third Oscar nomination in as many years, a feat that puts him alongside Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson and Spencer Tracy. The 87th Academy Awards will be presented this weekend and this 40-year-old bachelor will be taking his mum along as his date. Now, as he sits down with 60 Minutes America, Cooper reveals why he is so much more than a movie star – in fact he’s just traded Hollywood for Broadway.

Reporter: Steve Kroft
Producer: CBS 60 Minutes



On a surfboard Stephanie Gilmore is poetry in motion. A stunning combination of beauty, grace, and skill. But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. When a brutal assault rocked Steph’s world, some feared her competitive days were over. In a raw and honest interview she recounts the attack to Karl Stefanovic and reveals the deep impact it has had on her life. She also takes Karl on her rigorous training regime and shows off her ultra-competitive streak on the golf course and at table tennis. Gilmore has bounced back better than ever, with six world titles under her belt and chasing Layne Beachley’s record of seven this year.

Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producer: Nick Greenaway