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Tattooed Cowboys and Blue Skinned Miners Outback ER - Tonight on @ABCTV

ProgrammingKevin Perry
  Outback ER  image - supplied/ABC

Outback ER
image - supplied/ABC

Thursday, 12 March 2015 - 8pm on ABC

Outback ER continues tonight giving viewers an experience just how different a life-threatening crisis can be in one of the most isolated locations on earth.

In episode five, bush characters don't get any more colourful than Michael - a young cowboy covered in tattoos that he's acquired during drinking nights with his mates. He's got his postcode tattooed on his finger, in case he forgets it, and a couple of noughts and crosses games on his leg that he's played with his mum.

Michael is no stranger to hospitals. He's had numerous mustering accidents over the years including breaking his back twice. This time he's been stomped on by a bull leaving him with a potentially serious injury which could mean losing his leg. Michael's main concern though is missing his mate's birthday party so he has a decision to make - stay in hospital for observation, or ignore the doctor's advice and go partying.

The hospital staff are shocked when old ex-miner, Ron, presents himself to the Emergency Department looking blue - literally. His skin has turned blue after years of drinking a homemade concoction which he claims "keeps the doctors away". But it seems this time his alternative remedy might have seriously failed him. An x-ray for a possible shoulder fracture reveals a more sinister prognosis.

Equipment breakdowns hit the Emergency Department as a lady is rushed in with breathing failure. The staff can't get the hospital's ventilator to work so they use a handheld ventilator to manually pump air into her lungs. She is rushed to the CT scanner to get a diagnosis as to why she can't breathe but it breaks down as well. With no scanner within 400km staff scramble to get it fixed.