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World Movies goes Uncut for one Controversial Week

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 Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange

World Movies is promising to bring you five films you can’t see anywhere else on TV – uncensored, unapologetic, and uncut over one controversial week.

Featuring a selection of international, critically-acclaimed films that push the boundaries, WM Uncut will air over five unmissable nights from Monday 23 March to Friday 28 March, 9.30pm.

As the only channel in Australia permitted to play R18+ films on television, World Movies presents the movies that you can’t un-see. From Australia’s first R-rated comedy to a stirring look at the depths of sexual addiction, this is the essential collection of unflinching cinema from around the globe in its purest, most original form.

The week begins with Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange, followed by the brutal horror epic Martyrs. Don’t miss Australia’s most infamous exploitation romp Alvin Purple, the intense and unpredictable Oldboy, and finally explore the grim life of a sex addict in Shame.

“World Movies is in a unique position to give Australians the chance to see some of the world’s most controversial films in their purest, most original form,” said World Movies General Manager Chris Keely. “World Movies has a long history of bringing Australian audiences a diverse range of the world’s most ground-breaking, compelling cinema and WM Uncut continues this tradition with these five uncensored films.”