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Australians At War With Isis - Sunday Night on Seven

ProgrammingKevin Perry
 image source - Seven Network

image source - Seven Network

Sunday at 7pm on Seven.

In an exclusive report this weekend, Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock travels to one of the most dangerous war zones in the world to meet an Australian father-of-two who is fighting Islamic State.

The Melbourne man gave up his comfortable life to join a local militia and make a stand against Islamic State fighters who have driven thousands of Assyrians from their villages in northern Iraq.

With IS forces just two kilometres away, they’re in constant danger of attack. The attacks come mostly at night in the form of gunfire, mortars and suicide bombers. As Denham says in his report, this is as close as anyone would ever want to be to Islamic State. But for our Melbourne dad, volunteering as a foreign fighter was something he just had to do despite the concern and fears of his wife and family.

The region he is defending is where he grew up as a boy before moving to Australia. But he has another worry.  Australia’s new laws which prevent  citizens joining foreign forces, no matter what side, means he now faces the possibility of jail when he returns home. Denham’s riveting report puts the spotlight on a war which Australia is well and truly engaged in.