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Fox Footy looks for unity after Rod Law resignation

NewsKevin Perry
 image - Fox Footy

image - Fox Footy

After an extended period of instability, Fox Sports Director of Television and the Head of Fox Footy Rod Law has resigned from the company just days before the commencement of the AFL season.

Law had been seen as divisive figure at the company for some time leading an environment in the Melbourne office filled with numerous battles raging between management, producers and on-air talent.

In May last year this website published an article that revealed for the first time just how toxic things had become at the sports broadcaster, it was an article that sparked a strong reaction leading to threats of possible legal action.

It has since been suggested to this website that Law was so angry after the publication of that article he considered bugging the Melbourne Fox Sports offices to discover the source of the leaks.

A number of key figures departed Fox Footy during the last 12 months with sources suggesting a culture of bullying existed.

Highlighting the disunity was a series of programming decisions made abruptly at the commencement of the 2014 season.  The popular After The Bounce program was moved from its Sunday timeslot to create a space for an undeveloped program hosted by Eddie McGuire and Dermott Brereton. That program has since been axed.

Following on from that decision, Jason Dunstall was then recruited for the Monday night On The Couch program to sit alongside Mike Sheahan. The two have never gotten along well together and tension was obvious to viewers. Sheahan making the decision to quit the program at the end of 2014.

After the revelations last year on this website it is understood Fox Sports moved to conduct and investigation into the happenings of the Melbourne office and were surprised by what they uncovered. With the departure of Law, former employee Michael Neill has returned to the company to take on the role of Head of Programming & Production. It is believed Neill was guaranteed Law’s departure before he committed to returning.

In confirming the departure, Fox Sports Australia CEO Patrick Delany said that Rod Law, the Director of Television and Head of Fox Footy has after 8 years of great work decided to conclude his employment with the Company effective immediately.

Gary Burns, Head of Programming & Production, Sydney, has been appointed the Acting Head of Fox Footy. Gary has had more than 35 years television experience including the last four years at Fox Sports. Michael Neill will return to Fox Sports to take on the role of Head of Programming & Production at Fox Footy in Melbourne. Michael left Fox Sports last year after a 16 year career with the company.

“We have a great team in Melbourne that will give footy fans a super season this year,” said Delanay.