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First Look: Adam Looking For Eve - Coming Soon to SBS2

ProgrammingKevin Perry
Adam Looking For Eve - Soon on SBS2 image - supplied/SBS

Adam Looking For Eve - Soon on SBS2
image - supplied/SBS

Starts Friday March 13, 8:30pm on SBS 2

SBS has always had a strong tradition of delivering plenty of Sex and Football, and SBS 2 will continue the tradition this March with the premiere of Adam Looking For Eve its newest more minimalist, international dating show from the Netherlands.

You can watch a preview of the series below - Please note the fig leaves will not feature in the TV version.

The premise is simple, having been matched psychologically, a man and a woman meet for the very first time completely nude on a deserted tropical island - their very own Garden of Eden. With no clothes, makeup or material possessions to hide behind, they are left to explore the island for shelter and food. But because being nude on a deserted island with a stranger isn’t quite challenging enough, as the pair start to become accustomed to their new world, another lonely soul will wash ashore.

The two potential suitors have to then duel with each other to win a special date and a moment with their Adam or Eve. With true love (and a whole lot more) in sight and a nude power play in the works, a cash prize is added to the mix to really separate the water from wine. Will he or she choose love or leave with the money? 

Episode One: Friday March 13, 8:30pm on SBS 2

Social worker Kathy, 26, tends to fall in love far too easily and has a soft spot for long-haired, beer-drinking men with a sense of humour; which pretty much describes recent college dropout Jorrit Pieter. Each is dropped off on opposite sides of the beautiful, desert island of Mogo Mogo with only a few personal items and enough food to prevent starvation. After the first night, Kathy and Jorrit Pieter appear to be a match made in heaven, but their honeymoon period is about to be severely tested, as there is another Adam on his way to the tropical paradise. Bartender and creative designer Rolf, 30, is more than ready to settle down. On paper, he is a good match for Kathy, but obviously he's not the only contender. After a few days, Kathy will have to send home one of the two men. Who will she choose? And will he choose her?