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Airdate: The Amazing 90s on Channel Nine

NewsKevin Perry

Wednesday, April 15, at 8.45pm on Nine

Nostalgic viewers will get the chance to relive  all the big events and personalities of the decade from Australia and overseas in TV, movies, music, pop culture, sport and politics when The Amazing 90s, premieres on Nine.

After the success of The Amazing 80s last year, its no surprise Nine is returning to this format in 2015. The program is an American series re-edited to contain local narration and interviews with Australian personalities.

The series covers the decade from the Gulf War in 1990 through to the panic caused by fear of the Y2K Millennium bug. First-hand accounts of the biggest news stories of the decade in Australia and the US are told by the players at the heart of the action: The death of Diana; Monica Lewinsky and the Clinton sex scandals; the birth of the internet; the rise of Pauline Hanson; the OJ Simpson Trial; the Thredbo Disaster and Port Arthur Massacre. Plus favourite Aussie TV shows, movies and commercials from the 90s. As well as the impact of Toy Story, The Blair Witch project, the Macarena, Jerry Springer and Vanilla Ice. 

In Episode One, join Tracy Grimshaw, Lisa Wilkinson, Sonia Kruger, Chrissie Swan, Leila Mckinnon, Ray Martin, Richard Wilkins, Laurie Oakes, Catriona Rowntree and many others as we relive:  Sex scandals in the White House, Bananas in Pyjamas, Naughtiest Home Videos; Silverchair, 16-year-old-Perkins and Freeman at the Commonwealth Games, The Gulf War, plus the recession we had to have.

The Amazing 90s features over 60 interviews with prominent 1990s figures and commentators, including the pollies: John Howard, Colin Powell, and Peter Costello. Plus The Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas unmasked, Steve Vizard, Spiderbait, and international stars like Mathew Perry, Roseanne Barr (who doesn’t hold back!), Courtney Love, Shannen Doherty, Arsenio Hall.

This engrossing six-part series is an epic journey back in time, showcased with archival footage and memorable moments that only the amazing 1990s could provide.