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Review: The Mysteries of Laura – Catching bad guys, raising naughty ones @baker_con

ReviewConnie Baker
  Debra Messing stars in The Mysteries of Laura

Debra Messing stars in The Mysteries of Laura

Ok so I’ve been quite disheartened by the free-to-air television offers of late – too many reality shows, formulated cop shows, regurgitated UK and US shows, but finally, finally here is something I can easily fall in love with.

The Mysteries of Laura ‘Laura often throws off suspects by her dishevelled demeanour, and her attention to detail and stellar hunches always pays off with an arrest (even if she does have oatmeal stuck in her hair). In contrast, she is usually one or two steps behind in her home life, manoeuvring pre-school politics a little less deftly than those of the precinct, without much help from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jake Broderick, a rogue charmer and police lieutenant she may still be in love with who is always upbeat but often unavailable due to his ‘police work’ – something that is about to really complicate things.’


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   Author - Connie Baker is an experienced Content & Social Media Consultant.  Twitter -  @baker_con

Author - Connie Baker is an experienced Content & Social Media Consultant.
Twitter - @baker_con

Debra Messing is back – not since the days of Will & Grace (google it young ones) have I felt that she has pulled off a role with such great timing, authenticity and lovability. There’s a great cast including Laz Alonson (Avatar), Josh Lucas (The Firm & A Beautiful Mind), and guest stars easily recognised.

The press release said The Mysteries of Laura was a ‘captivating and light-hearted ‘dramedy’ and they nailed it. The cast are fantastic, the writing is simply brilliant – one minute you’re laughing out loud, the next you’re intrigued, and there’s a few thrilling moments towards the end of episode two that will have you holding your breath. This show is the one I’ve been waiting for, hoping for and I’m so excited for you to see it. This is not another cop show – its fun, intelligent, and will have you laughing and cringing too (in a good way – I think parents of young boys will particularly ‘get’ it).


An honourable homicide detective, Laura Diamond works through the daily trials and tribulations of juggling being a recently separated busy mum of twin boys and an even busier law enforcement officer. As she sums it up ‘I’m just a mother with a shiny badge, a loaded gun and very little patience.’ From her comfy shoes and sarcastic one-liners to feeding her kids leftover pizza for breakfast, Laura is totally relatable and comes across as extremely genuine. I’m just a bit jealous she gets to arrest the smucks she has to deal with – oh to have a shiny badge some days – not the gun – I doubt most of us are as good a shot as Laura is.

Created by Jeff Rake (Boston Legal) and directed by Joseph McGinty ‘McG’ Nicol (Supernatural) don’t miss the double episode premiere on Wednesday 29th July at 8.40pm on Channel 9.


The synopses of the first two episodes, provided by Channel 9, are below to whet your appetite. Hope you enjoy this breath of fresh air – let us know what you think. From now on Wednesday night is date night with Laura!

Episode one is a dramatic yet comical portrayal of a woman's balancing act between a stellar ability to catch dangerous criminals while juggling her less-than-law abiding twins. Kicked out of pre-school for painting the classroom and each other red, Laura must find another school for them while trying to catch a killer who has struck right under her nose. Could it be someone within her ranks?

In episode two, which guest stars three-time Emmy nominee Richard Paul "Ricky" Golden (All My Children), Laura and Jake are finalising their divorce. A case involving an online hook-up that ends in murder encourages Detective Diamond to set up a profile to investigate it, using herself to bait the killer … as she also considers the online dating scene to help her through the divorce.


The Mysteries of Laura is created by Jeff Rake (Boston Legal) and directed by Joseph McGinty "McG" Nicol (Supernatural).

THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA - Double episode begins Wednesday, July 29, at 8.40pm on Channel Nine