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Interview: Glitch explores Paranormal Saga of Love and Loss

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Rodger Corser as John Doe in Glitch image - supplied/ABCTV

Rodger Corser as John Doe in Glitch
image - supplied/ABCTV

Glitch is a new, six-part drama series from the people that gave us The Slap and The Devil’s Playground. Both spooky and thought provoking, Glitch has been billed as an ‘epic’ paranormal saga about love and loss. 

Set in the fictional town of Urana, Glitch tells the story of six seemingly unconnected people, who come back from the dead for no apparent reason. This is no zombie schlock-fest, but a story that is allowed to play out at its own moody pace in a very Australian voice.


The cast includes faces very familiar to Australian TV audiences in Andrew McFarlane (The Devil’s Playground, The Sullivans, The Flying Doctors) and Patrick Brammall (Offspring, Upper Middle Bogan).

It also features, Genevieve O’Reilly (Banished, The Honourable Woman, Matrix) and Rodger Corser (Party Tricks, Underbelly, Rush, Spirited), who chatted with Nikole Gunn about the show.


Genevieve O’Reilly with Sean Keenan image - supplied/ABCTV

Genevieve O’Reilly with Sean Keenan
image - supplied/ABCTV

“It’s a very exciting piece and so lovely to do it after 'Banished'.  I was looking to do something very different and 'Alicia' is a very different character as well,” says Genevieve.
“The scripts are kind of a celebration of Australia’s diversity.  Each of the characters is from a different time, a different culture, a different ethnic background, yet they’re all Australian”.

It’s a theme that Rodger expands upon when discussing his character, John Doe; a man of very few words who appears episode two.

“These people have been given the opportunity to come back and the big question is ‘why’. Why those six?  When I was first told about it, I immediately thought to myself, what will it be”?
 “I was assured quite quickly that it was definitely not going to be at the ‘eating brains’ end of the spectrum”.

The cast of Glitch image - supplied/Nine Network

The cast of Glitch
image - supplied/Nine Network

Glitch is something quite different for Australian TV. It could have easily followed the popular format established by movies like Dawn of the Dead and 28 Days Later and TV shows like The Walking Dead and even Z-Nation.

Instead, the creative team led by Louise Fox and director Emma Freeman have chosen to explore the big questions of mortality, love and what it is to be ‘human’ with a quiet restraint.


“I think with that genre in particular, you can put everything on the table or you draw people in and I think that’s what Emma and Louise and the producers had in mind. They wanted to engage the audience and draw them in,” says Genevieve.
“You talk about restraint and I think it’s exciting when the creators are brave enough to use restraint because they can engage the audience and they can treat the audience with intelligence and respect.  I love that”.


Filmed in the historic Victorian town of Castlemaine, sparseness of the landscape lends a certain eeriness to the story without straying into the ‘horror’ story territory.

What’s been created is very much “Australian Gothic” and perfectly suited to the unfolding story of each character.


“In a way, it’s like a castaway type of situation, where someone has come back to civilisation after many years and their family and friends have moved on and moved past them.  And how do these people fit back in” says Rodger.
“It’s kind of like trying to put six different jigsaw puzzles together all at the same time.. and all the pieces are in the one pot.  It’s extremely engaging”.


Glitch premieres on the ABC this Thursday at 8.30pm.  Then in an Australian first, the entire series will be available to watch on ABC iView.