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Review: Glitch - So much more than a Zombie Drama

ReviewNikole Gunn
James (Patrick Brammall) and Kate (Emma Booth) star in Glitch image - supplied/ABCTV

James (Patrick Brammall) and Kate (Emma Booth) star in Glitch
image - supplied/ABCTV

Review by Nikole Gunn

A new high concept drama is premiering on ABC TV that puts an Aussie spin on the ‘eerie/moody’ paranormal genre.  “Glitch” is a six-part series that centres on a tiny country town and the return of six former residents. 

By “former”, I mean dead. Six past residents of Yoorana inexplicably come back from the dead; each from different periods in the town’s long history.


Far from being zombie-like, the ‘returnees’ appear normal.  But they have few memories of life before and are unable explain the how and why of their return.  They also find it hard to accept that they had died, but are now living and breathing.

The stories central focus is on local cop James (Patrick Brammall) who is reunited with his wife, Kate (Emma Booth). She’s the most recently deceased, so the Yoorana of today is familiar and her return is not such a culture shock, beyond the fact that she had died.

Kate (Emma Booth) and James (Patrick Brammall) image - supplied/ABCTV

Kate (Emma Booth) and James (Patrick Brammall)
image - supplied/ABCTV

Produced by Matchbox Pictures, who gave us The Slap, Nowhere Boys and The Devil’s Playground, Glitch is an exceptional ‘grown-up’ Australian drama that doesn’t rely on the tricks of the zombie-trade. 

It’s also thought provoking. How would you react if a loved one comes back?  What would you say? How would you explain ‘life-after-their-death’?


Glitch is not a dark and depressing drama. Sure, it asks questions about love and loss, but there is also a degree of humour in the relationship between Gold Rush era Mayor Paddy Fitzgerald (Ned Dennehy) and young indigenous character Bo of the here-and-now. 

There are also enough unanswered questions to keep the viewer hooked through the six episodes of season one.  Hopefully a second season is on the cards.

Glitch premieres 8.30pm Thursday 9th of July on ABC TV.  All six episodes will then become immediately available for viewing on ABC iView.