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Foxtel defends decision to broadcast Anti-Gay Marriage commerical @Foxtel

NewsKevin Perry
  An image from the controversial Marriage Alliance commercial

An image from the controversial Marriage Alliance commercial

Pay-TV provider Foxtel has launched its strongest defence yet of a decision to broadcast a controversial advertisement for the Anti-Gay marriage group Marriage Alliance on some of its channels.

The 45 second advertisement which asks viewers to consider all the issues around same-sex marriage with the slogan “Its not as simple as you think” while a cartoon Titanic sails toward a 'same sex marriage' Iceberg, has caused significant outrage within LGBTQI communities.


The commercial has also been airing on the Nine Network, however its Foxtel viewers that have been the most vocal, taking to social media forums to express outrage at the decision to broadcast the commercial, particularly during programs such as ‘I am Cait’ on E!. Some viewers have suggested they would cancel their Foxtel subscriptions in protest.


In a public statement released by Foxtel, the company has said it was “acutely aware its decision to carry advertisements for the Marriage Alliance has caused hurt and distress to some customers.
This decision was not made lightly and was made with the active involvement of gay senior executives. Foxtel has and will continue to express support for Marriage Equality
However, as in Ireland, we believe this debate should be won by the force of the argument in favour of reform, not by refusing to engage in debate or to allow contrary opinions to be put.
LGBTQI people were silenced for centuries. We do not believe that the same tactic should be used now against the opponents of Marriage Equality.”


The commercial is yet to air on Seven, Ten or the ABC. Ten has declared its opposition to broadcasting the commercial, while Seven has stated it was overbooked and did not have room to broadcast the ad. SBS says it is yet to be approached regarding broadcasting the commercial