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Cast for the next season of The Block revealed

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  The new lineup for the 11th season of The Block on Nine  image copyright - Nine Network

The new lineup for the 11th season of The Block on Nine
image copyright - Nine Network

The Nine Network has revealed the cast for the next season of The Block

The 11th season of the renovation series will be located in the octagonal shaped former Hotel Saville building in South Yarra Melbourne, with the teams given the task of creating five plush apartments.


  Hotel Saville building in South Yarra Melbourne

Hotel Saville building in South Yarra Melbourne

Executive Producer Julian Cress has promised a ‘back to basics’ approached for the new season after viewers expressed their displeasure with the complicated eliminations and over-dramatized Triple-Threat season earlier this year.

“This is one of the hardest builds I’ve ever done, both in television and as a chippie,” host Scott Cam has said of the unusually shaped building.
“It’s a huge challenge we’ve set the contestants. Some of them are going to struggle. It’s going to be tough!”

The new season of The Block will commence next month after the completion of The Hot Plate. Cast for the new season are, (Left to Right)

Dean, 30, and Shay, 28, are from Newcastle, NSW. Dean is an electrician. Shay is an English and drama teacher.

Ebony, 23, and Luke, 28, are from WA. Luke is a carpenter and landscaper. Ebony is an interior designer and decorator. This team appeared briefly in The Block Triple Threat earlier this year, but was eliminated in the early rounds.

Andrew,28, and Whitney, 28. are from Melbourne. Andrew is a form worker while Whitney is a beauty therapist.

Suzi, 44, and Voni ,39. are from the Gold Coast. Suzi is a Real Estate Agent while Voni is a fitness studio manager.

Kingi and Caro both 31, are from Townsville, QLD. Kingi is a renderer. Caro is a business development manager and cheerleader with the NRL.

Source - Woman's Day