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Viewers shocked as Heather sent home #TheBachelorau

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Will Heather be the next Bachelorette? image - supplied/Ten

Will Heather be the next Bachelorette?
image - supplied/Ten

On last nights episode of The Bachelor Australia, the Bachelorettes took control and introduced Sam to the people whom matter most in their lives ahead of the most heartbreaking rose ceremony yet.

The time had come for Sam to meet the family and friends of his final four ladies and, after travelling to four different states in just one week, he made the agonising decision to send one of the women he had become so close to home.

Sam was faced with his toughest decision to date.

The Bachelorettes were all nervous as they entered the room for the rose ceremony. After what felt like an eternity, Sam made the decision to give his final three roses to Sarah, Snezana and Lana, sending Heather home.

Sam was genuinely upset and sad to see Heather go and, as she fought back tears, he walked her out to the car for a moving and heartfelt goodbye. Many viewers expressed their shock an anger at the departure of Heather whom had been considered the favourite to win.

Heather, 29, an aspiring film maker from Sydney, said: “At least I get to walk away knowing I was true to myself. I did the right thing. I cared about him open-heartedly, and I haven’t done that with a guy before.”

At least she has her McDonalds advertisement to fall back on.

The Elimination came after a round of home visits. Heather took Sam to Mt Coot-tha, a special place for her and the final resting place of her father’s ashes. While they talked about life and love, Heather explained that this journey had made her realise who the important people were in her life.

Later, Heather took Sam to meet her protective father figure, Warwick, and her best friend, Laura. Straight-talking Warwick had a beer with Sam and sized him up as a potential suitor for Heather.

While he seemed to have passed the test, Heather was moved by the fact that Sam made no judgement of her family situation and she realised how much she had invested in this relationship.

The next day, in New South Wales, Lana took Sam to the Berowra Valley to meet her mum and best friend Lauren. Just moments into the introduction, Lana’s mum took Sam aside for a grilling like no other. Usually tough on prospective boyfriends, Lana’s mum asked Sam about his intentions for her daughter and, after he passed the test with flying colours, the pair returned to join Lana and Lauren for dinner.

While Sam knew he would also fit in nicely with Lana’s family, he realised that he was about to face his toughest decision yet.

After a gentle start to Sarah’s date at the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Sam could see that she was much more relaxed in her home town. As they enjoyed a picnic on the beach, he pondered how easy their life could be together in Melbourne.

That evening, Sarah took Sam home to meet her loving family including her mum, dad, sister and grandma. After a toast to Sarah and Sam, the family seemed impressed with his values and good intentions.

Last but not least, Sam witnessed an emotional homecoming in Perth when Snezana was reunited with her daughter Eve. The cute pair cried tears of joy after not having seen each other for nearly nine weeks. Snezana and Eve have been a twosome forever but Sam hoped that there was room for one more.

After a walk in the park, Eve grilled Sam on her own, asking questions about geography, One Direction, his favourite food and her mum.

While Sam seemed to have Eve’s tick of approval, the trio went home to meet the extended family for a traditional Macedonian feast. Snezana’s younger brother Rob assumed the role of family spokesperson and took it upon himself to interrogate Sam.

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