MolksTVTalk The Podcast Episode 141 - Dave Lawson

Dave Lawson

The one where Dave plays the role of the nice guy a little too naturally. But that’s just the kind of guy he is.

A gentle wander through his time at NICKELODEON among other shows, appearing in the movie ODDBALL and of course his time on Working Dog’s UTOPIA (Wed 9pm ABC). How much Dave loved the first couple of seasons of BIG BROTHER featured also, along with his endorsement of Celia Pacquola’s eyebrow acting game.

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We also stop by his Toyota MEMORABLE MOMENTS ads with Stephen Curry and mention (though I think it got deleted accidentally) his YouTube Show DAVE’S SHED SHOW which is completely hilarious.

Another brilliant MolksTVTalk the podcast, with huge thanks to Dave Lawson for swinging by. Thanks for sharing these episodes & sending through your comments!


In this episode…

Dave’s Shed Show on YouTube (E01):

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