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Discovery Networks looks to Australia for more Global Content

NewsKevin Perry

Discovery Networks International is continuing to increase its local output with the commissioning of two new Australian productions slated to air in 2016.

The two series, Question Everything and Sydney Harbour Uncovered, follow other recent local Discovery programs featuring sports stars Andrew Ettinghausen and John Eales. The increase in local content has come after Discovery recruited the ABC’s former head of factual content Phil Craig to become the networks Chief Creative Officer.


“After spending a lot of time working in Australia, and getting to know the quality of the Australian production community, it’s a special pleasure for me to announce that two of Discovery's most important new global commissions are coming from Oz”, said Craig. “Popular Science is a foundation of Discovery Channel and I'm certain that Essential's Question Everything is going to both amaze and entertain millions of our viewers around the world. Sydney Harbour Uncovered is a fascinating, gorgeously-photographed portrait of the world's most iconic harbour cities, focusing on the amazing and diverse people who make it work, and the epic, ever-challenging jobs that they do.  As I was briefly a Sydneysider myself, it's also, if I'm honest, my own love letter to this most beautiful of cities.”



Get ready to Question Everything you thought you knew! In science, the answers to simple questions can have profound implications – each answer leading us further down a rabbit hole of fascinating information. In this series, expert physicist Dr. Derek Muller is searching for questions that most people believe cannot be answered. Question Everything uses explosive experiments, quirky street stunts, compelling field visits, and stunning in-scene infographics that bring visual meaning to numbers – all to create worlds we’ve only ever dreamed of seeing in reality. In answering these “unanswerable” questions, Muller will reveal fast, factual information that’s relevant to our everyday lives – from how the Earth works, to how we make decisions. In the end, we’ll see that even the biggest science questions have answers rooted in ourselves.

Question Everything is a 6x60min pop-science series produced for Discovery Networks International by Australian production company Essential Media and Entertainment.



The world’s largest natural harbour is as iconic as it is epic, and it sits near the top of every traveller’s bucket list.  Sydney Harbour Uncovered is an unprecedented, all-access documentary series that takes viewers behind the scenes of the world’s largest natural harbour, interweaving character-driven narratives with cinematic blue-chip filming techniques. Sydney Harbour is a complex web of shipping, tourism, industry, culture and commerce that hosts more than 40 million visitors a year – it’s a mammoth logistical challenge for the people who keep it running. The series showcases the daily tensions and triumphs of our diverse and engaging cast, who call the Harbour their “office,” as they deal with the major international events that bring millions to the dockside or cope with the dramatic weather that threatens to shut the Harbour completely, a power and responsibility that rests solely with one of our key characters, Harbour Master Captain Phil Holliday.

Sydney Harbour Uncovered is a 6x60min observational documentary series produced for Discovery Networks International by Australian production company WTFN.