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Roy and HG return for The Festival of the Boot - This weekend @ABC_NewsRadio #afl #nrl

ProgrammingKevin Perry

Roy and HG return for the Festival of the Boot.
image - supplied/ABC

Roy and HG fans will once again be able to celebrate the climax of the 2015 footy year as the “The Festival of the Boot” - a two pronged affair covering both the AFL and NRL Grand Finals airs this weekend on ABC News Radio.

Be part of football history - yes, again! - and join rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson for the annual weekend of all things football, no matter what code you follow.
Nothing else matters when Festival of the Boot is up and running!
"This year's Festival of the Boot is for all Australians but especially women of calibre, shark shooters, Taylor Swift Freaks, Ashley Madison swingers, humanitarian coal miners, shoe collectors, first home buyers, zombies and vampires, wedding celebrants, job ready tyre-fitters looking for flats, cosmetic surgeons, day spa operators, Tinder types, Qantas crews, Bronwyn Bishop Chopper Pilots and south coast beauty students," HG Nelson said.
Rampaging Roy Slaven also observed, “I am thrilled that the new Skipper, Malcolm Turnbull, has realised that there is no more exciting time to be an Australian in the history of the world than in 2015. When you settle down in the comfy chair with a large one handy on that one weekend in October and give the Boot a good hard look, you will know exactly what he is talking about."
H.G. Nelson said, "This year’s Boot is all about "jobs and growth". It’s a message all real Australians can get right up behind."
'It’s simply un-Australian to swerve past the Festival of the Boot. It makes us what we are - the greatest football nation on earth,” Roy Slaven said.
“The Boot in 2015 celebrates the work of coaches everywhere. These unsung heroes of sport are real Australians doing the heavy lifting week in week out in the toughest competitions in the world."

The Boot Part One - the AFL Grand Final live from 2pm AEST, Saturday, October 3

The Boot Part Two - the NRL Grand Final live from 6.30pm AEST, Sunday October 4

Festival of the Boot is live and exclusive to ABC NewsRadio - on air, online, on digital radio and the ABC Radio app.