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MolksTVTalk the Podcast - Charlie Pickering (S05E26 - ep143)

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Charlie Pickering
image - supplied/ABC

The one where Charlie Pickering and I start talking about politics at great length on a TV podcast.

You were warned.

There is much discussion about THE WEEKLY WITH CHARLIE PICKERING and the process behind it, including the writers and the things the ABC allowed them the creative freedom to do. We even leveraged in some HARD CHAT in the middle to appease Tom Gleeson.

There's also talk of THE WALKING DEAD, OFFSPRING, GAME OF THRONES, THE PROJECT and lots more. A thoroughly engaging chat.

I'm so pleased to bring you this MolksTVTalk the podcast for Massive thanks to Charlie for being available while he's living it up in New York. Thanks also to you for listening and sharing the episodes. Totally makes it awesome.

In this episode...