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DeciderTV Predicts - The Twelve Celebrities going into the Jungle | @ImACelebrityAU

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Who will be joining Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.
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It has become summers favourite guessing game, just who are the Twelve celebrities going into the African jungle? DeciderTV's Editors Kevin Perry & Steve Molk have had a think and offer their best guesses...

(We'd love to know who you think is going in & why - drop your best guesses in the comments!)

A Hollywood Heart-throb

Kevin: He was a legend of the Bodybuilding community before going on to star as The Incredible Hulk. Don’t make him angry, its Lou Ferrigno.

Molk: Dean Cain. Who doesn't want to see the Lois & Clark star test his Man of Steel credentials in the African jungle?! Besides his short-lived Football career is just the right misdirection to suit the clue (besides South Africa's not that far from Austria)...

ANSWER: Dean Geyer

A Pop Star

Kevin: A man that enjoys the finer things in life, Anthony Callea is going to be very entertaining living on rice and beans!

Molk: Anthony Callea more than fits the bill (I guess Rolf Harris is out of the question?).

ANSWER: Anthony Callea

A Theatrical Lady

Kevin: Yes I know its a distant long shot, but how much fun would it be to see Dame Julie Andrews in the jungle...

Molk: Rhonda Burchmore outed herself on her instagram account, though I'm with Kevin and would love to see Dame Julie surface. Could Carlotta be a left-field entrant?

ANSWER: Bonnie Lythgoe


A TV Star

Kevin:  Toni Pearen. Not only was she a massive TV star in the nineties with E-Street, musically she released an album with two ARIA certified gold singles.

Molk: It's time for the long overdue return of Tottie Goldsmith.

ANSWER: Jo-Beth Taylor

An AFL Legend

Kevin: Every reality show needs a bad guy, and Jason Akermanis always knows how to cause tension.

Molk: I'm not picky - give me Brendan Fevola or Wayne Carey or Jason Akermanis and I'll be happy.

ANSWER: Brendan Fevola

An International DJ

Kevin: I may be a 40 year old Dad with 3 kids, but I Know my DJ's. Im expecting to see Timothy Jude Smith (Timmy Trumpet) in the jungle.

Molk: I don't know any DJ's, so I'll go with the current front-runner duo The Stafford Brothers.

ANSWER: Havana Brown

A Champion Sportswoman

Kevin: Layne Beachley. Seven World Championships is a record unlikely to be beaten

Molk: I concur with Kevin in Layne Beachley. Do you concur?

ANSWER: Courtney Hancock

A Rugby League Star

Kevin: Lock in Anthony Minichiello as the Rugby League Superstar, and don't be surprised if his wife Terry Biviano shows up for the occasional cameo this season.

Molk: Matt Orford has been quiet of late.

ANSWER: Paul Harrogan

A World Class Comedian

Kevin: It could be a number of people but its interesting to note Akmal Saleh does not have any live performances booked for the next few months...

Molk: I reckon Jeff Green would be the perfect level of acerbic the jungle needs but it very likely is Akmal Saleh.

ANSWER: Akmal Saleh

A Television Icon

Kevin: I have a feeling Val Lehman just might be the Queen Bea of the Jungle

Molk: If Denise "Ding Dong" Drysdale is too tied up with Studio 10 to go into the jungle then perhaps Kate Ritchie is taking a short break from radio?

ANSWER: Val Lehman

The Megastar Cricketer

Kevin: Shane Warne seems like the obvious choice, but he has declared "You couldn't pay me enough to appear!" Personally I'm expecting to see Ricky Ponting in the Jungle.

Molk: Ten have told us this famous cricketer is Australian and there is no bigger megastar than Shane Warne. Unless Damian Fleming has had a recent upgrade.

ANSWER: Shane Warne

The Reality TV Star

Kevin: She became Australia's sweetheart after being dumped by love-rat Blake. Now she has a Sydney Breakfast radio show in desperate need of promotion. Welcome to the jungle Sam Frost.

Molk: Surely this heralds the long-awaited return of Ms Dirty-Street-Pie herself Laurina Fleur.

ANSWER: Laurina Fleur


Thats our best guesses but we want to hear from you! Tell us your picks in the comments section below.