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Controversy as Todd Sampson lives as a hunter-gatherer

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Todd Sampson
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In what promises to be one of the most controversial hours of television this year, Todd Sampson will live as a hunter-gatherer when he joins the Hadza tribe in Tanzania. He will live like they live, do what they do, eat what they eat.

A traditional nomadic tribe, the Hadza do not farm, herd animals or preserve food. Living a pre-agriculture lifestyle means surviving only on what nature provides, a real “paleo” diet that holds the secret to good health and which is drawing the attention of scientists.

But to live as a hunter-gatherer, Todd must wrestle with two big moral dilemmas. First, he has no wish to hunt or kill any animal, and secondly, he gave up eating meat 25 years ago. He commits to eating whatever the men bring in, which includes various birds and hyrax, a distant relation to the elephant.

Baboons play a special role in Hadza culture. They feature in the tribe’s creation story and the meat is considered a delicacy. Todd is invited to hunt the prized primate, but not everything goes to plan.

Ultimately, his word to eat everything the hunters bring back to camp will mean confronting his greatest dilemma of all.

Tuesday, 11 October At 8.30pm on TEN & WIN.