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RECAP: Brooke Is Blindsided As The Alliance Finally Shatters

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Brooke and Flick
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In the latest episode of Australian Survivor, Brooke was eliminated in a breathtaking blindside that turned the game on its head.

The jury was stunned to watch as the alliance turned against her. Brooke was a key member of the “Power Trio” and had been calling the shots the entire game, so this was the “big move” the jury had been urging.

Following Jennah-Louise’s elimination, the tribe mates returned to camp pleased that once again the alliance had stayed strong. But the Tribal Council discussions had exposed more fractures in the alliance and created doubt and paranoia among the group.

The tribe mates competed in a Reward Challenge that required each player to hold onto a rope as they were suspended over water. As time passed, the rope became longer making it more and more difficult to hold on. This test of strength and endurance pushed the contestants to their limits, with Sam ultimately named the winner.

Sam’s reward was a night’s sleep in a king size bed back at camp with a tribe mate of his choice. He picked challenge runner-up Lee to share the bed.

Lee and Sam’s blossoming bromance made Brooke anxious, so she set about convincing Sam that Lee was a major threat and needed to be eliminated next. Her power of persuasion worked and Sam agreed that Lee needed to go.

But Brooke’s plan to persuade Flick to follow this plan backfired when Flick ran to El and told her that Brooke had named Lee then El as the next to go. Furious and hurt, El and Flick decide that Brooke’s deceit proved that she was the one they needed to eliminate next, in a massive blindside that would change the game for good.

With Lee now aware of the plan to vote out Brooke, he talked to Kristie and she agreed to vote against her.

The Immunity Challenge followed with a game of balance and patience. The tribe mates had to stack wooden cards on an unsteady platform. The slightest movement made the cards fall.

In a blow to Brooke and Sam’s plan, Lee won Immunity and was safe from the vote at Tribal Council.

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When they returned to camp Brooke and Sam set in a motion a new plan to vote out El. They encouraged Matt and Flick to join with them to vote her out.

The tribe mates arrived at Tribal Council, all of them confident they knew how the votes would play out. With two plans in motion, a shock was on the cards for some people.

After the votes were counted, Jonathan stunned the tribe mates by announcing that Brooke had been eliminated. Flick, El, Lee and Kristie had voted against her and the alliance was finally shattered.

Shocked by the news, Brooke said to her alliance as her torch was snuffed:

“Wow guys! That was a surprise.”

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