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RECAP: The Tribe Plot Against Power Pair Lee and El | @SurvivorAU

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Power Pair Lee and El
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In the latest episode of Australian Survivor, power pair Lee and El fought for their position in the game as the rest of the tribe plotted against them.

After an explosive Tribal Council that saw Fia Fia’s queen bee Brooke knocked off her throne, the six remaining tribe members returned to camp, where Sam faced the wrath of Lee for attempting to blindside him.

Sam and Matt were acutely aware that their only chance of survival in the game was to form an alliance with Flick and Kristie in the hope of defeating Lee and El.

Sam and Matt got to work deploying psychological warfare to convince Flick that her best chance of winning the game would be to side with them and vote out Lee and El. To cement their plan further, they promised to vote for Flick to win if she made it to the final two.

After spotting Lee and El conspiring behind her back, Kristie threw Sam and Matt a lifeline in the game by approaching the boys with a plan to turn on the couple.

The tribe arrived at the Immunity Challenge to discover they would instead be playing for a reward, with the first person to solve a puzzle winning a night at a luxury spa. The prize offered the winner the crucial advantage of recharging their batteries in the final days of the competition.

Puzzle king Matt claimed victory for the day and was told another tribe member would be joining him on the retreat. The other person would be determined later at Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan informed the tribe mates that there would be no elimination; instead they would compete in a test that would reveal their true feelings for each other. With a night at the luxury spa up for grabs, the contestants knew they would need to expose alliances and hurt feelings in order to win.

Desperate for a night of rest and relaxation, the tribe mates had to tread carefully when answering Jonathan’s questions about their fellow castaways. Who was flying under the radar? Who was the most popular player? Who least deserved to win the game?

After a fun and fierce test of the mind, Flick was named the winner. In a twist, Jonathan announced that she could take another contestant with her. Much to her delight, Kristie was chosen for her first reward of the season.

While Matt, Flick and Kristie talked strategy in the lap of luxury, Lee, El and Sam were sent to Exile Beach with no food, no fire and no shelter.

Arriving at Exile Beach, Sam confessed: “Stuck on Exile with Lee and El couldn’t get any worse. They want me out of the game, there is no doubt about it. I am relying on Matt to pull off something special, because right now he is my only bet.”

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