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Queensland Hitchhiker Murder - This week on 60 Minutes

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It’s more than three decades since young hitchhiker Tony Jones disappeared while holidaying in North Queensland. He is presumed murdered, but until now there has been very little information uncovered about what exactly happened to him.

On 60 MINUTES, Ross Coulthart investigates this baffling cold case and interviews key witnesses who bravely break a code of silence to reveal long-held, dark secrets. Their evidence suggests the then 20-year-old victim was killed and his body disposed of in an outback slaughterhouse. It’s a gruesome crime, stranger than fiction, but this case looks to be on the verge of being solved – and finally the perpetrators may be about to face justice.

Reporter: Ross Coulthart   Producer: Grace Tobin



There’s a new, highly motivated and hugely successful group emerging in the business world. They’re called “Mumpreneurs”, super-smart Australian mothers who are deserting the chaos of corporate life, preferring instead to make millions by working from home. China is one of their booming markets becausehundreds of millions of other mums can’t get enough of anything clean and green from Australia. All these women need is one brilliant idea, and a whole lot of chutzpah.

Reporter: Allison Langdon   Producers: Sean Power, Jo Townsend



Medical researchers trying to solve the puzzle of disease are always reluctant to use the “C” word untilcompletely sure they can prove the cure. But for sufferers of multiple sclerosis, a condition which has baffled doctors for generations, there has been some very encouraging and welcome news: a breakthrough treatment using stem cells, which is having truly remarkable results. MS patients, who could barely cope with the debilitating illness, are regaining their mobility and in some cases even their sight. Butnow the bad news: it’s almost impossible to get the treatment here and that has forced hundreds of frustrated Australians overseas in search of help.

Reporter: Tara Brown   Producer: Alice Dalley