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RECAP: The Ultimate Gameplayer, is Defeated. El, Kristie & Lee set for Grand Finale

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On the penultimate episode of Network Ten’s Australian Survivor, Flick – once regarded as the ultimate gameplayer – was eliminated in a dramatic Tribal Council, as El and Lee once again proved their power couple status.

After voting against El in the last Tribal Council, Flick knew she had a target on her back.

Determined to do anything to survive, she set to work attempting to break the alliance of El, Lee and Kristie.

Underdog Kristie became the key player rather than the game pawn, as she faced the dilemma of sticking with El and Lee or working with Flick.

Putting their differences momentarily to one side, the castaways reminisced about their proudest moments on Australian Survivor. Flick was proud to have made it this far, Kristie and Lee spoke of their challenge achievements, and – in a thinly veiled criticism of Flick – El said her proudest moment was remaining loyal to the people in her alliances.

Later, on a walk to the well, Flick stumbled across a tree mail detailing ingredients of a hidden feast. Kristie, Lee, El and Flick were thrilled to discover a whole chicken to cook as a celebratory dinner.

Today’s Immunity Challenge combined some of the toughest challenges seen in the series. The castaways had to untangle a rope by climbing through a series of obstacles, then balance on a barrel and use a rope to walk to the next section. The final part of the challenge involved constructing a pole to retrieve a key, which led to a puzzle.

Lee and Kristie took the early lead, with El and Flick hot on their heels. Lee made it to the puzzle, but after a mammoth effort, El made up an enormous amount of time and finished first, winning the Immunity Necklace and guaranteeing herself a place in the final three.

Returning to camp, a disappointed Flick was determined to turn the game around. She reminded Kristie that she did not possess the same physical strength as Lee and El, and could not trust them for a spot in the final two.

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Next, Flick tried to persuade Lee and El to each place a vote for her and Kristie, taking Tribal Council to a legendary Survivor Fire Vote. In the case of a draw at this stage of the game, a Fire Vote would require both castaways at risk of elimination to make a fire from scratch. The castaway to make fire the quickest would remain in the game.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan asked El who she would choose to take through to the Grand Finale. She admitted she would choose Lee, who agreed he would also pick her, leaving Kristie feeling vulnerable.

In one final, desperate plea, Flick tried again to persuade Kristie to change the game and vote out Lee, but Kristie could not be persuaded.

Receiving three votes, Flick was eliminated.

Flick said: “I fought until the very end. I feel like I played an amazing game and I’m really proud of myself for that. Kristie was the swing vote at the last Tribal Council and she could have voted with me and Matty, and we could have been in the final three. She is not going to win the game sitting next to Lee or El.”