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The Real Housewives of Auckland season 1 episode 9 reaction podcast

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Angela arrives at her book launch
Image - Foxtel

This is an extra special penultimate episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF AUCKLAND. Just be cool and let Nic McLachlan & Steve Molk guide you through it because there's just so much to deal with. But first - where's Angela?

Look, this is what we live for. One launch is usually amazing for any part of the Real Housewives franchise but TWO LAUNCHES?! It's everything we've wanted all season.

There's lots to prepare for when there's two launches, not least of which is proving Lea the intern is still alive. Obviously there's still time for Michelle and Anne to attend a hip hop class before Angela's launch (Where's Angela?). We also get to attend Gilda's launch and the comparisons begin - in fact there's so much that takes place at both book launches that's all we have time for... but it's STILL SO MUCH!


MolksTVTalk the podcast has (again) been hijacked for this season of RHOAKL as Nic & I record a reaction pod for every ep, available just after the episode has aired.

P.S. Where's Angela?




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