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RECAP: Georgia Finds True Love With Lee

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In tonight’s show-stopping season finale of The Bachelorette Australia, Georgia introduced Lee and Matty to her family and enjoyed one last date with the remaining Bachelors, before she faced the biggest decision of her life.

Arriving in Singapore, Georgia was reunited with her father Chris and sister Katie, who flew to the tropical metropolis to meet and quiz Georgia’s final two Bachelors.

Matty was the first to be introduced to Georgia’s family and while he impressed with his charm and sense of humour, the family had concerns about him living in Sydney.

When Chris met Lee, Chris noticed more physical chemistry with Georgia, but her sister worried that Georgia was getting too swept up in Lee’s sweet words. After Katie voiced her concerns, Lee did his best to prove he was falling in love with Georgia, but she still had hesitations.

Georgia then sat down with her family to gather their opinions. Chris preferred Lee but Katie was in favour of Matty.

Georgia enjoyed one final date with Matty, taking him to a traditional garden of bells. Together they rang a Bell of Happiness, meant to bring everlasting peace and happiness.

Their date ended in a butterfly park, where Matty confessed he wanted nothing more than to be the final man standing.

Lee and Georgia began their final date with a rickshaw ride through the streets of Singapore, before taking a boat ride and ending their day with a romantic swim at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

As they swam, Lee told Georgia he hoped her family approved of him and admitted he was well and truly in love with her.

After two perfect dates, it was time for Georgia to make her final decision.

Surrounded by a gorgeous trail of rose petals and flowers, Georgia awaited the arrival of the Bachelors. She excitedly told Osher that although the situation was bittersweet, she had fallen madly in love.

Matty arrived first and Georgia, struggling to hold back tears, told him that while he was amazing, she was in love with someone else. A heartbroken Matty wished Georgia the best and gave her a goodbye hug.

Matty, 30, said: “It hurts a lot. You can’t help but feel like you have found one in a million and then lost it. I wish I didn’t love her right now. I wish you could flick a switch and stop having those feelings toward someone.
“The positive you can take out of it is that she has found the man of her dreams. Even though it is not me, I am glad it has happened for her.”

Georgia moved on to the moment she had been waiting for. When Lee arrived, she could not contain her excitement. Looking Lee in the eye, Georgia declared she had fallen madly in love with him. Overwhelmed with emotion, Lee also proclaimed his love for Georgia. They embraced, kissed and enjoyed their first moment together as a couple.

Lee, 35, said: “This is just the beginning. I love Georgia so much, she has made me the happiest man alive.”
Georgia, 28, said: “Lee is the kind of person that offers the kind of relationship I always sought out and never found. Being able to look Lee in the eye and tell him I love him is the best feeling ever.”