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Todd Sampson Risks It All In Bollywood

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This week on Todd Sampson’s BodyHack, Todd explores the science of risk-taking by attempting one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: a Bollywood stuntman.

Bollywood may be the world’s biggest movie business, but it is also the most hazardous. There is no insurance, no government regulation and little attention paid to workplace safety. Yet the thrill and glamour of being a Bollywood stuntman attracts wannabes from all layers of Indian society willing to endanger their lives.

Todd travels to Mumbai to find out what it is about humans that makes us addicted to risk. He trains for a week in a stunt gym, where he learns the basics of stunt work – how to fall, how to fight convincingly and how to fly through the air on wires.

With the training completed, Todd meets Gulshan Grover, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars. Gulshan gives Todd a personal acting lesson in readiness for his debut as a Bollywood stuntman.

Todd also meets a stuntman whose luck took a different turn, when a tanker exploded on the set of Chennai Express, one of Bollywood’s biggest blockbusters. The badly-burned stuntman is only alive today thanks to the quick thinking of the film’s director.

The fate of the burned stuntman occupies Todd’s mind as he tackles one of the most dangerous stunts of all: being doused in petrol and set alight.

Tuesday, 1 November At 8.30pm on TEN & WIN.