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What To Expect From New SBS Channel VICELAND

NewsKevin Perry

US promo for VICELAND - Coming soon to SBS

SBS has confirmed new youth oriented channel Viceland will launch at 4pm on Tuesday 15 November 2016.

Viceland is a replacement for the existing SBS2 service and is promising to include new shows covering culture, music, sports, fashion, technology and more.

Overseen by Oscar-winning film director Spike Jonze as Co-President, Viceland launched in the US in February and features original programming targeting a young male market, including Gaycation (with Ellen Page and Ian Daniel), Huang’s World (with Eddie Huang), Noisey (with Zach Goldbaum), F*ck, That’s Delicious (with Action Bronson), Weediquette (with Krishna Andavolu), and Balls Deep with Thomas Morton.

SBS2 Channel Manager John Beohm has confirmed to DeciderTV that popular program The Feed and some existing SBS2 sport/entertainment content will remain on Viceland.

The Australian edition of the channel will be owned and operated by SBS, however this website understands the US based cable network Vice will receive a significant share of advertising revenue in exchange for supplying content.

The deal matches a similar arrangement SBS struck with Scripps International last year to launch SBS Food Network. These ad-revenue deals have allowed SBS to significantly lower programming costs while continuing to provide multi-channel services after recent Federal Budget cuts.

However its an arrangement that's seen SBS increase the amount of US content it broadcasts each week, at the expense of honouring its original charter and providing a range of content from around the world.

After launching in the US, Viceland is now expanding worldwide. The creators hoping the format will help to attract a millennial audience away from online video and back to traditional TV, however so far ratings in the US have remained low.

A recent report in The Guardian reveals Viceland has been achieving a disastrous "zero" prime-time audience share on some nights after launching in the UK last month.  

When asked if SBS would continue to broadcast the same level of international news bulletins as currently provided during the day on SBS2, a spokesperson for the public broadcaster stated,

"Our international news bulletins - WorldWatch are an essential part of our overall SBS offering and will remain as such."

However the spokesperson declined to confirm if WorldWatch would continue to be broadcast, or if some/all of the content would be moved online.

Friday night A-League games will also be part of the initial Viceland line-up. SBS is entering into the final year of a broadcast deal with FFA.

Michael Ebeid, SBS Managing Director and CEO, said:

“Exploring diversity through culture is at the heart of SBS’s purpose and we are excited to be partnering with VICE to bring some of the best available content from across the world, never before seen in Australia, in documentary, journalism and inspiring entertainment, free to all Australians on SBS channels and platforms.”