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REVIEW: The Dramatised Life of Peter Not-So-Perfect

ReviewSteve Molk

Matt Le Nevez is Peter Brock
Image - Ten

For many motorsport fans Peter Brock was as close as you get to a deity. He won Bathurst nine times, Sandown 500 nine times, and was the Australian Touring Car Champion three times. He had many peers but few in the league of the man dubbed 'Peter Perfect'.

Ten could have been dealing with a dicey situation by delivering a dramatised version of Brocky's life 10 years after he tragically died competing in a Targa rally in Western Australia, still racing at 61.

While this is no sanitised version of his life BROCK is thoroughly engaging Aussie drama that respects the subject while not dismissing the controversies that dogged him.

Matt Le Nevez does a great job of Brocky over the broad range of his life, from late teens to his early 60's. His grin, his tousled hair, and his appeal to the many, many ladies around him all reflect to the point where at times it's easy to mistake him for the real thing. The inclusion of archival footage certainly helps blur the lines to make for a seamless and compelling story.

Racing was so central to Peter Brock's life which makes the inclusion of the cars so important - almost as if they're incidental characters themselves (particularly that 05 Holden HDT Torana). It also means that archival footage gets an extra big workout to add layers of authenticity.

The launch of the Holden Director
Image - Ten

In fact it's when they use recreated footage that this drama stutters, but only slightly - simply because it's too obvious.

Steve Bisley is perfect as straight-talking HDT boss Harry Firth, and the rest of the male cast offer solid doppleganger work throughout the 2 part series. Axle Whitehead is a great as Colin Bond, and it's excellent to see Martin Sacks as Peter's Dad Geoff Brock. Special mention must go to Brendan Cowell who delivers a more than convincing performance as Allan Moffat (and looks strikingly similar).

The ladies that distracted Brocky are just as central to his story. Ella Scott Lynch (Bev Brock) and Natalie Bassingthwaite (Julie Bamford) both offer solid performances and look *smoking hot* in their best 70's, 80's & 90's gear, hairstyles to match. They're right in the middle of the controversies of the lead's life, be it allegations of domestic violence, his infidelities, or the infamous "Energy Polariser". Brocky's loves weren't his only downfall though they were central distractions and a big part of his falling out with Holden (not just the Polariser).

BROCK is a very, very good 2 part drama scheduled perfectly to enjoy the halo after a big day of motor racing at the event that helped make Brocky the legend he is. It's not overly challenging and with a cracking soundtrack spread across the years it will appeal to motorsport and drama fans alike.

Brock (2 eps) - Sun 8:30pm & Mon 9pm, Ten.