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RECAP: Australian Survivor’s Core Alliance Disintegrates

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Tonight on the latest episode of Australian Survivor, major cracks started to appear in what some tribe members believed to be the impenetrable alliance, cracks that were further cemented by Jennah-Louise’s revelations at Tribal Council.

While some tribe members were left stunned and shocked by Jennah-Louise’s candour, Brooke and Sam immediately schemed to vote off their biggest threats, power pair El and Lee, in what would shatter the core alliance.

After saying goodbye to Sue at last night’s explosive Tribal Council, Fia Fia returned to camp where Jennah-Louise knew her revelations had severely jeopardised her position in the game.

Paranoia in camp was further exaggerated when it became abundantly clear to every tribe member that strategy not friendship was the key to survival.

Brooke and Sam realised that power pair El and Lee were their biggest threats and quickly conspired to vote one of them out.

At the Immunity Challenge, all eyes were on Jennah-Louise, who needed to win immunity to survive the vote at Tribal Council.

The contestants were pushed to their physical and mental limits as they tackled an obstacle course and recreated a complex puzzle from memory.

Although she had won the previous two challenges, Jennah-Louise’s memory skills were not enough to stop Brooke from completing her puzzle first and claiming victory.

Without the security of an Immunity necklace, Jennah-Louise knew she had to manipulate the accessible members of the tribe to secure her place in the game.

She approached key tribe members including El, Brooke and Flick in the hope of further exposing the cracks in the alliance and prompting their paranoia, distrust and fear of each other.

Jennah-Louise’s reaped her tactical rewards when El and Lee expressed concerns relating to their alliance and believed that Brooke, Sam, Matt and Flick were conspiring against them.

Although Jennah-Louise had done her best to weaken and destroy the core alliance and expose the smaller power alliances of El and Lee and Brooke and Sam, she still did not have the numbers to keep her in the game.

The 27-year-old law graduate said:

“I’m definitely proud of the game I played. I’d prefer to go out fighting then to just sit there like other people and get picked off one by one.”

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