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ABC Reveals New TV Programming Line-Up For 2017

NewsKevin Perry

The ABC has made the first of two big programming announcements, revealing its programming slate for 2017.

Stellar Australian actors and presenters, including Claudia Karvan, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Tapsell, Xavier Samuel, Ian Thorpe, Anh Do and Rob Collins are just a few of the stars that will grace the screens of ABC in 2017. They join an equally impressive lineup of new and emerging Australian talent, including actor Hunter Page-Lochardand comedian Anne Edmonds. Plus, a raft of returning landmark favourites across comedy, entertainment, news and current affairs. The slate includes over 20 new Australian shows, in addition to the range of new seasons for established titles. More shows - both new and returning - will be announced in February 2017.

With a keen focus on original Australian content, as well as on flexible delivery of its programs, the ABC is approaching the coming year with the changing needs and interests of its audience at the forefront of its programming. This includes greater representation of a culturally diverse Australia both on and behind the camera, ranging from the heart-warming new drama series Newton’s Law (starring Claudia Karvan) to the critically acclaimed, You Can’t Ask Thatreturning for a second series, to Ronny Chieng: International Student, that follows the success of its pilot episode on ABC’s Comedy Showroom.

Director of Television, Richard Finlayson says: “We exist to bring great Australian stories to life. Our track record of innovation and creativity over recent years, means that the best creative talent in the country want to work with us. In fact, they keep raising the bar and it’s thanks to them that we can present another fabulous year of the very best of Australian TV to our audiences.

“But it’s not just at the premium end - in 2017 the network will double its commitment to digital-first content, with more than 200 hours of new content made especially for ABC iview, which continues to introduce audiences to exciting new content and create opportunities for a fresh and diverse generation of creative talent. We’re very proud of our great VOD service which provides free access all year, with no advertisements and across every imaginable device.

“Continual evolution is part of the DNA of the ABC. Earlier this year, we proudly launched the live streaming of all ABC channels on ABC iview, and in September we successfully launched the new ABC ME platform for school aged children."

2017 will also see the introduction of a new, consistent look for ABC News across all platforms and channels: television, radio, digital and social media. The update includes changing the names for ABC News 24 and ABC NewsRadio to simply: ABC News. Audiences will see the contemporary new look across all ABC News digital content and ABC News content on TV, including new graphics, maps and weather.

"The way our audiences get news and current affairs content continues to change, but increasingly they're looking for fast access. As Australia's most trusted news source we need our offering to be seamless and consistent no matter how audiences choose to access it. Our new, unified identity will be simply ABC News, representing independent, quality reporting and context that works equally well across all our digital and broadcast platforms," said Director of News, Gaven Morris.

Here is a sneak peek of the 2017 Slate for ABC TV (with more to be revealed early in the new year). 

Newton’s Law

Newton’s Law centres around Josephine Newton, a suburban solicitor with an over-developed sense of responsibility who attempts to return to her briefly glorious stint at the Bar. When Josephine’s low-flying solicitor’s practice is incinerated by a disgruntled client, she is persuaded by her old uni friend and admirer, Lewis Hughes, to trade the benefits of her brilliant mind for the lofty glamour of Knox Chambers. With her office destroyed, her marriage collapsing and motherhood fast losing its charm, Josephine decides it’s time to take her own aspirations off the back burner and resume her barrister’s robes. If only it were that easy to leave her old life behind!

One of Australia’s most celebrated actors, Claudia Karvan takes charge as Josephine Newton and is joined by Toby Schmitz (Black Sails), Georgina Naidu (Wentworth, The Time of Our Lives), Sean Keenan (Glitch), Brett Tucker (McLeod’s Daughters) and Miranda Tapsell (The Sapphires), with Jane Hall, Freya Stafford, Andrew McFarlane, Ming-Zhu Huii, Will Ewing, Grant Piro and newcomers Ella Newton and Makwaya Musudi, rounding out this impressive cast.

Production credits: An Every Cloud Production. Created by Deb Cox & Fiona Eagger. Produced by Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox and Anna Molyneaux. Executive Producers Fiona Eagger, Deb Cox. ABC Executive Producers Brett Sleigh, Alastair McKinnon. In association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Runs for: Eight x 1 hr episodes on ABC TV and iview


Seven Types of Ambiguity

A stellar cast, including Hugo Weaving, Xavier Samuel, Alex Dimitriades, Andrea Demetriades and Susie Porter, head up this compelling new drama for ABC.

Seven-year-old Sam Marin is taken from his school. Much to the relief of his parents Anna and Joe, Sam is found unharmed hours later and the police arrest ex-school teacher, Simon Heywood. It’s not a matter of who took Sam, but a question of why.

Told from the shifting perspectives of seven characters, this psychological mystery explores the complex emotional terrain of past and present relationships and the risks people will go to in the name of love. Based on the critically acclaimed novel Seven Types of Ambiguity by award winning author Elliot Perlman.

Production Credits: ABC TV and Screen Australia present in association with Film Victoria and Matchbox Pictures. Screenwriters: Jacquelin Perske, Jonathan Gavin, Marieke Hardy. Executive Producers: Tony Ayres, Jacquelin Perske. Producer: Amanda Higgs. Directors: Glendyn Ivin, Ana Kokkinos, Matt Saville

Runs for: Six x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and iview


The Warriors

The Warriors is a comedy-drama that playfully explores the experiences of two Indigenous players in the professional world of Australian football and the pitfalls of being in the public eye. We get to know the draft recruits through the highs and lows of training, being in the media spotlight and navigating temptations as a result of newfound celebrity, all in the lead up to the first game of the season.

Lisa McCune is the team’s communications manager, fighting a losing battle to keep the boys out of trouble. Vince Colosimo is the coach responsible for getting the wooden spooners back in finals contention. The club president is played by John Howard. Newcomer Gordan Churchill has been cast as Maki, the number one draft pick who relocates from a remote Indigenous community to Melbourne to play the game he loves.

Production Credits: An Arenamedia production in association with ABC Television, Screen Australia and Film Victoria. Written by Jon Bell, Tracey Rigney, Tony Briggs. Directed by Adrian Russell Wills, Beck Cole, Steven McGregor and Catriona McKenzie. Story Producer Justin Monjo. Produced by Robert Connolly, John Harvey and Liz Kearney.

Runs for: Eight x 30min episodes on ABC TV and iview


Cleverman Season 2

Cleverman, the internationally acclaimed Australian drama, returns for much anticipated Season 2. Having failed to protect the Hairies and humans of the Zone who are now hiding out in fear for their lives, Koen sets out to harness his powers with the dream of bringing all cultures together. His brother Waruu shares the same vision, but his method is far more dubious. For Koen to realise his mission, he must defeat his brother. But how will the Cleverman save humanity when he can’t protect those closest to him? Starring Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Deborah Mailman, Frances O’Connor, Tasma Walton and Iain Glen.

Production credits: Producers Rosemary Blight, Ryan Griffen, Jane Allen, Sharon Larke. Directors Wayne Blair, Leah Purcell. A Goalpost Pictures Australia and Pukeko Pictures Production; Co-Produced by Red Arrow International and SundanceTV. Presented by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia in association with Screen NSW.

Runs for: Six x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and iview


Glitch Season 2

Glitch is a paranormal saga about love, loss, and what it means to be human. The small Australian town of Yoorana overnight becomes a gothic backdrop to an epic story from the most unlikely visitors – the dead. As the Risen discover who they are and why they have returned, those around them are also faced with a disturbing new reality, challenging all the beliefs and ideals they held dear. In Season 2, the Risen unravel the mystery of how and why they are back, but their journey of reconciliation and revenge is soon disrupted by another lethal threat.

Production Credits: A Matchbox Pictures production in association with ABC Television, and Film Victoria. Written by Louise Fox, Pete McTighe and Giula Sandler. Directed by Emma Freeman & Tony Krawitz. Produced by Julie Eckersley. Executive Producers Tony Ayres Louise Fox & Chris Oliver-Taylor. ABC TV Executive Producers Brett Sleigh and Jo Bell.

Runs for: Six x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview


Janet King: Playing Advantage. Season 3

Marta Dusseldorp returns as Janet King in the third instalment of this critically acclaimed series. Janet confronts a hornet’s nest of illegal gambling, organised crime and money laundering while tracking the tragic death of a young sports star. What begins as a spot betting investigation soon unmasks elite professional sportsmen and women and their connection to the shadowy underbelly of performance enhancing drugs, match fixing, kickbacks and, ultimately, murder. Also starring Damian Walshe-Howling and Peter Kowitz.

Production credits: Produced by Screentime.

Runs for: Eight x 1 hour episodes, on ABC TV and iview


The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 5

Doctor Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan) and his long-suffering housekeeper and confidant Jean Beazley (Nadine Gardner) face a new future together in a new season, full of possibility… but life has a few more surprises in store for the both of them. Once again they’ll be confronted by murder and mystery at every turn. From the boxing ring to a new French bistro, from an exotic camp of travelling Romani gypsies to the local Debutante Ball… Ballarat is slowly changing.

And amongst all of this, loyalties will be tested, friendships will be strained, beliefs will be challenged and lives threatened. Will Blake and Jean finally find the happiness they so richly deserve? Is Charlie ready for more responsibility at the Station? How will Rose work with two generations of the Tynemans? And who is the avenging nemesis from the past?

Production credits: Produced by December Media.

Runs for: Eight x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and ivie

Lost in Pronunciation

Starring and based on the stand-up of fast-rising, award-winning comedian Ivan Aristeguieta, comes the autobiographical story of a young man who escapes the dangers of Venezuela only to find himself in ‘the lucky country’s’ safest, friendliest state – South Australia. With the help of two Aussie housemates, lesbian tradie Tia and her hipster vegan brother Scott, Ivan learns that to become a permanent resident isn’t so much about ticking boxes on a form, but adapting to the strange and unique customs that we may take for granted but make us truly Australian.

Production credits: Julia DeRoeper, JDR Screen. Created and written by Ivan and Chris McDonald. Produced by Julia DeRoeper. Directed by Richard Jasek. A collaboration between ABC iview and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Runs for: Six x 5 minute episodes on ABC iview


The Edge of the Bush

What happened on the edge of the bush? Something so powerful it will bring the Watts Family calisthenics dynasty to its knees… Created, written by and starring award-winning comedian Anne Edmonds (Have You Been Paying Attention?), get ready for a comedy series like nothing you’ve seen before. Suspenseful and Scandi-noir-inflected, with Anne – in the tradition of Catherine Tate – playing four members of the Watts family: Karen, Dusty, young Rebecca and their very old dad / grandad John. For all four characters and their families, the past was neatly tucked away behind a sequinned curtain. But a web of lies involving country music, worker’s comp, international cyber-crime, comfort eating and a guy called Glen, now threatens to pull everything wide open. Calisthenics brought the Watts family together, but one greasy evening on the edge of the bush could just tear them apart. Also starring Greg Larsen (Fancy Boy) and Damien Power (The Project).

Production credits: Guesswork Television. This is the first of the ABC iview and Screen Australia Multiplatform Fund Long Story Short projects. Directed by Kate McCartney (The Katering Show). Produced by Andrew Walker (Rosehaven, The Kettering Incident, Wanted).

Runs for: Five x 12 minute episodes on ABC iview



Harry (Brendan Williams) is a friendly Uber driver. Too friendly. In fact, he’s convinced that every passenger will be his next best friend. Harry is also on the autism spectrum. He spends his days bemusing and confusing his passengers—despite the support from his Dad (Shane Jacobson), who is only ever a phone call away with encouragement and words of wisdom. Harry is eternally optimistic, especially when it comes to Wendy (Ashton Malcolm). She works in the booth at Harry’s favourite drive-thru restaurant. Harry is convinced that any day now he and Wendy will be happily married. With a house. And six children. And a dog. All he has to do is summon the courage to talk to her about something other than ice-cream.

Production credits: Epic films. Written by Ben Crisp. Produced by Kirsty Stark (A Month of Sundays). Directed by Brendon Skinner and Simon Williams. A collaboration between ABC iview and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Runs for: Six x 5 minute episodes on ABC iview


Almost Midnight

Almost Midnight is a coming-of-age romantic comedy, with each of the six episodes set a year apart against the backdrop of that glorious moment when boundless promise, personal reflection, and uninhibited drunkenness combine – the final five minutes of New Year’s Eve. Dave (co-creator/writer and director Stephen Banham) wants a fairy-tale romance, but lacks the ability to meet or, more importantly, keep the woman of his dreams, Jen – especially when he’s hampered by the advice of his best friend and self-professed ladies’ man, Acka (co-creator/writer Aaron Casey). As we journey through the series we witness Dave’s growth from a bumbling wall-flower to a fully-matured man, comfortable in his own skin and ready for love. But when the clock strikes midnight, will he get his wish or turn into a pumpkin?

Production credits: We’re Not Boys. Produced by Alex Keay and Peta Bulsara. A collaboration between ABC iview and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Runs for: Six x 5 minute episodes on ABC iview


Ronnie Chieng: International Student

Following on from the top rating, acclaimed Comedy Showroom pilot, and in partnership with Comedy Central (US), The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng returns to Australia to give us more of his hilarious take on being a foreign student. He’s just got to deal with party-hard students, a neurotic faculty, unsociable housemates and his attraction to a pretty Aussie girl first.

Production credits: Produced by Sticky Pictures.

Runs for: Six x 30min episodes on ABC TV and iview


Utopia Season 3

Tasked with overseeing and implementing our nation’s infrastructure needs, The Nation Building Authority team return with a third series of uncosted, inadequately planned and fundamentally flawed schemes – and passing them off as “Nation Building”. One white elephant at a time…

Production credits: Produced by Working Dog.

Runs for: Eight x 30min episodes, on ABC TV and iview


Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery Season 5

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery sees each episode begin with the premise: if you really want to get to know people, the best place to start is where they started themselves… their childhood homes.

Each week, Julia invites a well known face to take a trip down memory lane. At her guest’s childhood home they take a moment to consider the directions their life has taken, the paths that have been wandered. It’s then onto the surrounding neighbourhood and on all the way to the school gate, reliving formative moments, talking about life, love and achievement, about the past, present and future.

Julia draws out what makes her guest tick and what inspires them. The journey creates unscripted moments and provokes reactions, showing dimensions of the guests that audiences haven’t seen before and proves that our pasts, our presents and our futures are all there inside us, just waiting to come out, waiting to go for a walk.

Guests for this series include: Lee Lin Chin, Cathy Freeman, Tim Ferguson, Susan Carland, Ronny Chieng and Annabel Crabb.

Production Credits: Produced by CJZ.

Runs for: Ten x 30min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview


The Checkout

Empowering audiences with its mix of strident consumer advocacy balanced by comedy, The Checkout has transformed consumer affairs in Australia. Featured stories on everything from gendered marketing to health insurance coupled with interstitial favourites such as ‘product versus packshot’ have become compelling viewing. Featuring Craig Reucassel, Julian Morrow, Kirsten Drysdale, Zoe Norton-Lodge, Alex Lee and Ben Jenkins, the show is a crucible for upcoming talent. The Australian Consumer law has never been less dull.

Production Credits: Produced by Giant Dwarf

Runs for: Twelve x 30min episodes, plus four x 30min ‘best ofs’ and 20 x ‘snack size’ episodes of 4-9mins on ABC TV and ABC iview.


The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering is a popular news comedy show incorporating topical, opinionated coverage of current affairs, cutting edge humour and satire sitting easily alongside serious interviews. In The Weekly, journalism is as important as the satire and comedy. The show is shamelessly outspoken, railing against the injustices, inadequacies and idiocies of the world. It will call out newsmakers, business interests and politicians. It does not take sides with anyone except the viewers. It has heart as well as brain.

Production credits: Produced by Thinkative TV in association with ABC TV.

Runs for: Twenty x 30 minute episodes on ABC and iview


Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell Season 7

Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell is a half-hour weekly round-up, branding, inoculation and crutching of all the important news stories of the week. His satirical and incisive comedy is supported by a stellar writing team headed by Gary McCaffrie and talented actors namely Francis Greenslade; Emily Taheny; Tosh Greenslade; Stephen Hall; Roz Hammond and Nicholas Bell. Unforgettable characters such as Lois Price, Sir Bobo Gargle, Casper Jonquil, Darius Horsham and The Kraken cut through the spin and rhetoric of our modern world exposing our soft and vulnerable underbelly.

Production credits: Produced by ITV in association with Giant Baby and ABC TV.

Runs for: Twelve x 30min episodes on ABC TV and ivie


Olympian Ian Thorpe is tackling the issue of bullying by taking audiences to the frontline of an issue that deeply affects a quarter of all school-aged children in Australia. Bullied adopts a controversial approach by arming the victims of bullying with cameras to capture and reveal their experience firsthand. The aim is not to name and shame the bullies, but to work with all participants to achieve a positive, lasting and supportive outcome. Bullied will examine the causes, context and consequences of bullying in Australia today through real-life experiences. With the additional support of specialist child psychologists, Bullied will bring to light an issue that is widely talked about but rarely understood. With Ian Thorpe by their side, these young people will find the courage to reveal their experiences to their families, teachers and peers with the hope of changing their lives. Bullied will form the central plank of a season of programming running across the ABC in 2017.

Produced by KEO Films Australia and Lune Media.

Runs for: Three x 1 hour episodes, on ABC and iview



The internet has given the world a voice. Why do some use their voice to shame, bully and brutalise? What does it mean for human nature, democracy and the future? In this revealing and timely six part series Cyberhate, author, journalist, TV presenter and human rights advocate, Tara Moss will be our guide and guinea pig, touring the darkest corners of the web to uncover the world of cyber violence. Moss, a social media user and advocate against cyber bullying tells her own story of dealing with online threats, anger, trolls and acclaim from Q&A to ‘Lipstick-gate’. Through interviews, discussion and cutting edge science, this series will investigate why fury is reshaping the online world. At the same time, Tara will guide us through the complexities of online ethics and digital democracy.

Production Credits: Tara Moss – Co-Executive Producer, Co- Writer and Presenter. Bryan Cockerill – Co-Executive Producer, Co-Writer and Director. Gerri Coy – Producer and Production Manager.

Runs for: Six x 10 min episodes on ABC ivew and one x 1 hour episode on ABC2.


Open House with Annabel Crabb

For the first time since Federation, and with unprecedented access, Open House exposes the heart of Australia’s democracy; meeting the politicians, the staffers, the librarians, and the grounds staff as well as the number crunchers and lobbyists who walk the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital. Open House will take viewers into the heart of the building and the underground tunnels of Australian Parliament House.

Annabel Crabb will show Australian viewers the parts of our democracy that usually – much like the hardest-working parts of a duck – operate out of sight. Funny, revealing, suspenseful and illuminating: this is Parliament like you’ve never seen it.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.


Blue Water Empire

Blue Water Empire is a dramatised documentary series giving a unique insight into the history and culture of the Torres Strait Islands. The series starts pre-colonisation and charts the all-pervasive impact of European arrival; from the missionaries to the influx of people from all around the world during the pearling boom. We see the devastating impact of World War II and the mass migration of Islanders to mainland Australia. The more recent history has seen an explosion of social activism, fighting for recognition, self-government and sea rights.

Blue Water Empire is a thrilling and vital yet largely unknown part of our Australian history. The cast includes, Jack Thompson, Ryan Corr, Damian Walshe-Howling, Aaron Fa’Aoso, Jimi Bani, Roy Billing, Geoff Morrell, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Peter Phelps, Merwez Whaleboat, Robert Mammone and Damian de Montemas.

Production Credits: A co-production between Lonestar Company and Bunya Productions, in association with Screen Australia, Screen Queensland and ABC TV. Produced by Aaron Fa’Aoso, David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin, Jimi Bani. Directed by Steven McGregor.

Runs for: Three x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and iview.


You Can’t Ask That Season 2

A standout program in 2016, You Can’t Ask That asks groups of misunderstood or marginalised Australians the awkward, inappropriate and uncomfortable questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the courage to ask. Breaking down stereotypes and offering genuine insight from those who live with judgement, the series gives an unmediated platform to some of the most stereotyped people in our country.

The second series will feature the first-hand experiences of groups including: centenarians, children of same sex parents, problem gamblers, blind people, ex-military personnel, people with Down Syndrome, new refugees and suicide attempt survivors. You Can’t Ask That is moving, insightful and refreshingly inappropriate, offering some of the most marginalised and least understood people in our community a platform to speak directly to Australia.

ABC Original. Production Credits: An ABC Production – Executive Producer: Lou Porter, Producer/Directors: Kirk Docker and Aaron Smith.

Runs for: Twelve x 20 minute episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview


Hack Live

In 2017 triple j’s Hack host Tom Tilley continues to fire up live debates on ABC2 on tough subjects that matter to young Australians. We’ve already covered drugs, porn, body obsession, the war on young people, Aussie patriots, and there’s plenty more honest conversations to come.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: One hour episodes on ABC2 and ABC iview


Stop Laughing… This Is Serious

The second season of Stop Laughing… This Is Serious documents the captivating story of Australian comedy.

Through a blend of social history, extensive archive material and intimate interviews with some of the country’s finest comedians, we travel through stand-up, radio, television, and theatre, revealing how humour, laughter and comedy are integral to our national identity.

In Season 2, we delve deeper into the defining moments of Australian comedy and how they shaped our comedic voice. Weaving contemporary comedy with the best of our past, we drill down into the craft itself to reveal the inner workings of the creative process, the influences and the inspiration, the risks and the rewards.

Production Credits: A Screentime Production for ABC TV in association with Screen Australia and Screen NSW.

Runs for: Three x 30min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview


Comedy Up Late Season 5

The 10 part series captures some of the best moments of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Each half-hour program will be hosted by a prominent Australian comic, recorded during the festival in March/April.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: Ten x 30 min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview


Back Roads Season 2

ABC TV’s hit regional series Back Roads returns to our screens for a second series (starting Monday November 28 2016 and flowing into 2017), introducing viewers to more of this country’s most resilient communities. Heather Ewart visits country towns across Australia to discover what makes bush communities tick, and to meet some colourful locals who will inspire and uplift. Back Roads is a window to the resilience of the bush, for anyone who wants to celebrate Australia’s diversity, positivity and ability to just get on with the job. All stories told with trade-mark grit and good humour.

By focusing on small communities the TV program takes its audience to parts of Australia that are not covered by other media organisations. However that means that only a few communities can be covered in each series. Expanding Back Roads into a digital offering means giving a voice to regional Australians from thousands of other small communities across the country. Back Roads digital content will be available on the Back Roads program website, social media and iview.

Production Credits: Back Roads is the flagship series of ABC Regional Division.

Runs for: Nine x 30mins episodes on ABC TV, ABC iview, YouTube, and the Back Roads social media platforms


New Years Eve

Fireworks explode over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Our annual, live broadcast from the Sydney Opera House celebrating the New Year and the our spectacular fireworks. Hosted by ABC personalities and incorporating bespoke segments from ABC shows, including Childrens’ TV, The Pub Quiz, a wrap up of the year’s event and crosses from around the country including music from the Falls Music Festivals.

Production credits: Produced by ABC TV.

Runs for 4 hours live on 31 December 2016 on ABC TV and iview.

Dream Gardens

Each episode of Dream Gardens sees one unloved outdoor space transformed. From the first spade hitting the ground to the incredible end result, Dream Gardens captures some of the most imaginative and challenging garden designs in the country as they come to life. Host Michael McCoy steps into a variety of garden shapes and sizes to follow the owners and designers as they battle weather, absent tradies, shifting design visions and budget blowouts. Michael provides practical tips, visits spectacular established gardens and celebrates the best of Australian design.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: Eight x 30min episodes on ABC TV and iview


Shortcuts to Glory: Matt Okine Vs Food

Shortcuts to Glory is an easy to follow, step-by-step ‘how to’ guide for anyone who can’t cook…like Matt Okine. Whether you are leaving home, off to uni, or moving into a share house, these episodes will help you build confidence in the kitchen so you can kiss goodbye to microwave ready meals, tuna pasta and instant noodles.

In each episode Matt visits one of Australia’s finest cooks or chefs, who teach him a simple, budget-friendly dish and share their insider tips and tricks. There are dishes for all meals and all occasions and they all help to build confidence in the kitchen. Plus the dishes look after your budget as well as your belly.

Guests include Colin Fassnidge, Katherine Sabbath, Neil Perry, Chris Manfield, Dan Hong, Jill Dupleix and Alice Zaslavsky. The how to’s range from poached eggs, mac n cheese and roast lamb to a self-saucing pudding in a mug.

“I spent most of my twenties with no money and a lot of time” says Matt. “I would stand in the magazine section of my local supermarket, sneakily looking at food recipes, trying to figure out simple meals to make at home. Where was this show back then?!”

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: Ten x 30min episodes on ABC2 plus extra content on ABC iview


David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema

David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema, one of Australia’s most revered film critics takes the audience on a personal journey through the cinematic landscape that shaped both him and us, as he traces the story of Australian cinema.The series interweaves the cinematic visions of our greatest films and their filmmakers, telling intimate behind-the-scenes stories via the voices of iconic stars and industry protagonists alike. David Stratton takes us on a journey across Australia and reveals how he became deeply enmeshed in this nation’s cinema – from his first thrilling glimpse of Australian film, The Overlanders, at the tender age of ten, to his arrival as a Ten Pound Pom, finally becoming a household name in his adoptive country and a renowned authority on an art form that defined the Twentieth Century.

Using unique archive footage and memorable moments from the films themselves, the series focuses on our deepest preoccupations via the multiple depictions of our onscreen selves. It’s through Australian films that David comes to understand his new home and himself, as Australia forged its national identity on the silver screen.

The series explores the game changers – the films and people who revolutionized an industry; the outsider filmmakers and their protagonists, at odds with the landscape and society; and the onscreen tribes who collectively reflect who we are.

David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema feature many greats from in front of and behind the camera – Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Jacqui Weaver, Fred Schepsi, Sam Neill, Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, Gillian Armstrong, David Michod, Eric Bana and of course many great Australian films, past and present that we know and love

Production credits: In Association with Stranger than Fiction Films. Director & Writer: Sally Aitken. Producers: Jennifer Peedom and Jo-anne McGowan. Presented by: David Stratton

Runs for Three x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV and iview


Anh’s Brush with Fame Season 2

The much-loved Anh Do is back for another season of his hit, Anh’s Brush with Fame. The series will once again see Anh combine his passion for portrait painting with his love of getting to know interesting Australians. An accomplished painter, Anh searches for moments in the conversation to inspire him to accurately capture his subjects. All leads to the big reveal at the end when the guest gets to see how Anh has captured them on canvas.

Production credits: Screentime

Runs for: Ten x 30 min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview



The iconic ABC show rage turns 30 on April 17th 2017. The nation will celebrate with a week of programming including two specially produced documentaries which will explore the uniquely Australian experience of watching the influential music show.

The first will celebrate the incredible history of rage and explore its influence on Australian music and culture. The program will feature a plethora of musical talent and songs from across the decades, musicians whose work has been a mainstay of rage but who were also viewers themselves. The second, Songs from the Red Couch: 30 Years of Guests rage Programmers, will delve into the archives to relive some classic moments from our studio. Out of the thousands of songs programmed by our guests over the years a few have been chosen multiple times; those are songs that have resonated with artists from all genres, ages, genders and nationalities. Essentially this list makes up the best music videos of all time.

An extensive social media campaign will invite the nation to share their experiences of #watchingrage, including the opportunity to program rage over its birthday weekend.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: Two x 1 hour episodes on ABC TV


Art Bites - Shock Art

Shock Art explores the art that is shocking us today and why it can take us deep into extremely uncomfortable territory. The effect of powerful art can leave a lasting impression long after we’ve viewed it. Is it OK for it to be offensive, controversial, and even dangerous? This documentary series explores what art is shocking us today and asks whether it can sometimes go too far.

Over six episodes young Chinese-Australian curator and presenter Kate Britton will seek out artists and works across a diverse range of creative disciplines, pushing boundaries, challenging convention and enraging the public. Along the way she must own up to her own preconceptions, prejudices and revulsions.

As our society becomes more permissive, our shock artists clearly need to up the ante to grab our attention. But do we need to be shocked? Is there a line that should not be crossed?

Production Credits: Producer: Alice Ross. Director: Sam Field


 Art Bites - Glass Bedroom

The Glass Bedroom will profile six Australian artists who use Instagram to create bold works to share with their thousands of followers. The series will take viewers inside the ‘glass bedrooms’ of these artists, to explore the relationship between authenticity, identity and social media in their work.

Their works are highly constructed images of themselves and their lives. Usually it’s a mash up of images – digitally altered or photographed – often in bold pastel colours, provoking followers with alternate views on identity, sex, corporate power and the mainstream media.

The series will question whether our online existences can be separated from our real lives. It will reveal how art is changing in the digital era, and how the ‘gallery’ is more accessible than ever.

Production Credits: Producer: Bethany Bruce. Executive Producer: Bridget Ikin. Director: Kate Blackmore


 Art Bites - Suburban Interventions

Suburban Interventions will look at how growing up in the suburbs of Perth informed the artistic practice of artist Ian Strange and led to a global analysis of the iconography of suburbia and home.

Ian Strange is an Australian installation artist and director who explores the iconography of the family home and the notion of suburbia.

Originally a filmmaker, his work includes painting, film, photography, sculpture, installation and site specific interventions. His collaborative way of working involves teams of artists, curators, construction workers, collaborators and the community itself. His work demonstrates the shift of art towards creating direct human impact – away from gallery walls.

The series will be directed by Strange, who will share how this growing sense of cultural unease around the idea of ‘home’ in Australia, and elsewhere, has developed into art.

Production Credits: Producer: Brooke Silcox. Executive Producer: Amanda Morrison


 Art Bites - The Wanderers

The Wanderers examines work of six of Australia’s most exciting street artists as they take their work on the road.

The street art community is largely an urban art form, but it is also a nomadic one that involves a pilgrimage in search of the next wall or inspiration. It involves adventure but usually in a cityscape. The series will challenge this norm to see how street art can fit into unexpected areas or cultures.

Each episode will chronicle one artist’s journey to create a mural for a specific area or community; through planning, engagement, and the painting itself.

The series will feature Australia’s most well known street artist Sofles, as well as Georgia Hill, Dabs and Myla, Guido Van Helton, Rone and Numskull. They will travel far and wide, from the Tiwi Islands and Vanuatu to Tasmania and Sydney.

Production Credits: Producer: Drew McDonald. Director: Selina Miles

Runs for: Each episode is six x 5 minutes on ABC Arts Channel on iview.


Art Bites is an ABC Television and Screen Australia initiative encouraging new arts content from emerging and early-career Australian filmmakers. Each of the four production teams commissioned received $50,000 to make a 6 x 5 minute web series. Two filmmaking teams are from Western Australia, one from Queensland, and another from NSW. Screen West, Queensland and NSW have also all offered support for their local talent.


Gardening Australia

Gardening Australia provides practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain gardeners around the nation. Hosted by Costa Georgiadis and featuring some of Australia’s leading horticultural experts from all over the country, Gardening Australia is the country’s leading gardening resource with content across many platforms, including DVDs, Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener magazine.

Production credits: An ABC TV production.

Runs for: 36 x 30min episodes on ABC TV and ivie

Trip for Biscuits

Trip for Biscuits is a fast-paced, serialised disaster-comedy that follows super nerd Bajo (Good Game) and his misfit Private Investigator colleagues as they try to carry out their bizarre assignments. Unfortunately, the team lack the necessary life skills required to deal with everyday situations – let alone cope with the unusual and dangerous phenomena they are investigating. Consequently, most of their time is spent bickering and trying to deal with the growing set of problems they are doomed to perpetuate. These guys have turned ‘out of control’ into an art form – reminding us that when you mess with aliens, things can go horribly, horribly wrong.

Production credits: Produced by Media World Pictures with the support of Screen Australia and Film Victoria

Runs for: 18 x 10min episodes plus 6 x 30min episodes, on ABC ME


My Year 12 Life

Every year, over 200,000 Aussie kids go through Year 12 exams. They’re told it’s the one year that changes everything. In 2016, we gave cameras to fourteen students from across the country. They documented the raw, intimate, unfiltered drama of their final school year. No rules, no teachers, no parents. Just their story, seen through their eyes. This is Year 12 examined.

Production credits: Produced by Princess Pictures with the support of Screen Australia and Film Victoria

Runs for 26 x 30min episodes on ABC ME



There are few more iconic symbols of modern Australia than the beach and the life savers who patrol it. Nippers has become a vibrant part of that culture, with around 65,000 kids across Australia meeting every Sunday on their local surf beach for a training program run by Surf Life Saving Australia. Nippers will tap into that culture and celebrate the diversity within it.

The series will focus on a number of kids and their families from the one Surf Club each with their own developing stories. Across the series our nippers will face challenges, wrestle unfamiliar feelings and vulnerabilities, but most of all there will be plenty of fun times and friendships formed along the way.

Production credits: Produced by Beyond Entertainment

Runs for: 13 x 30min episodes on ABC M