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Garry Lyon confirmed for Nine Network return in 2017

NewsKevin Perry

Garry Lyon
image - Nine Network

Garry Lyon is set to return to Television in 2017, returning to the Nine Network as co-host of Footy Classified.

After a 12-month break from the media spotlight, Lyon has agreed to return to the Monday night footy panel program.

The news of Lyon’s return to Footy Classified was confirmed by his co-hosts Craig Hutchison and Damian Barrett during their podcast The Sounding Board, with Hutchison stating:

“He's coming back to Footy Classified, which is just sensational.”
“Of all the holes Garry left by not being part of the media this year, I felt from the outset it was always going to be Classified, which was the most glaring,” added Barrett.

Hutchison went on to explain:

“He's just a brilliant host, and his DNA is in this show, “
“He and I worked on Classified sitting in coffees shops ten years ago trying to recruit Caroline Wilson and Wayne Carey at the time,” “He's been such a part of the agenda of the show, we really missed him during the year.
“What the show needs is at least two footy voices, and that was a bit more difficult for the three of us, because the three of us (Hutchison, Barrett, Wilson) We all have our different strengths, but none of us have played the game, so it wouldn't matter what we all thought. No one really cares about my opinions on footy,”
“Garry's a wonderful television talent, I'm not sure the other networks would have known how to use him as well,”
“I wonder whether had he ended up on Seven amongst all the other experts, whether they would realise what they've even got.”

Lyon has also linked with Melbourne sports radio station where its strongly rumoured he will host the breakfast program in 2017 with Hamish McLachlan.

Lyon is not expected to appear on The Footy Show in the short term.

Contract negotiations are continuing at Nine for several key members of The Footy Show cast. Billy Brownless, Shane Crawford and Dave Hughes are expected to sign on soon. However negotiation with James Brayshaw have stalled while he considers a lucrative offer from Fox Footy.