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The Feed: US Election Special - Grassroots America

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As Americans head to the polls on election day, and just hours before we’ll know the outcome of the craziest circus of a presidential race in history, The Feed presents a half hour documentary election special Grassroots America, Tuesday 8th November, 8pm on SBS 2.

Far from celebrity endorsements, headlines and big dollar donations, The Feed’s Jeanette Francis is road tripping across the USA meeting the real grassroots campaigners of this election; ordinary people helping to sway the vote in their local communities. 

In Nevada, Jan spends a night in a brothel with the Hookers for Hillary to talk running a business, healthcare, feminism and what the first female president could do for women. 

Delving into one of the biggest issues of this election campaign, Jan heads to the (for now) wall-free US-Mexican border to chat to perhaps the most unlikely of political supporters; the Latinos for Trump, and has a first-hand run in with the chaos of border control.

From Texas to California, Jan follows the emotional story of the pro-Hillary gun control advocates, who used to be devoted Republicans until guns became an all-too personal issue. 

Trump, Clinton…or maybe something else? Jan finds a group of young millennials disillusioned with the two party system looking for an alternative altogether, who are flocking to New Hampshire in a bid to create their own libertarian ‘Free State’. 

These are the real voices of the USA, and The Feed are on a mission to get to the grassroots of their hopes and visions for the American dream.