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Airdate: Seven News Investigates: Anita Cobby. You Thought You Knew It All…

ProgrammingKevin Perry

Anita Cobby
image source - Fairfax

It was the crime that changed a country.

On February 2, 1986, 26-year-old nurse Anita Cobby was grabbed off the street, driven to an isolated paddock and brutally murdered.

The trial of her five killers — including three brothers — captivated Australia and the world. All were sentenced to life imprisonment, their files marked “never to be released”.

But the real story has never been told.

Now, in a powerful movie-length investigation on the 30th anniversary of Anita’s death, her forgotten husband John Cobby — who was the prime suspect in her murder and has been in hiding for the last three decades — gives his first extraordinary television interview.

For first time since her murder, all the major players, including Anita’s family, the main witness and the police at the centre of the investigation, describe the gripping events that rocked Australia.

And the secret police recordings that caught the killers will be heard in depth for the first time.

Gold Walkley Award-winning journalist Steve Pennells reveals new facts about the case. You will hear the explosive confessions of the killers and it will forever change what you know about one of the most shocking crimes in Australian history.

7News Investigates: Anita Cobby. You Thought You Knew It All… airs next Monday at 9pm on Seven