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INTERVIEW: Julia Zemiro on Home Delivery's Best Season Yet | @ABCTV @julia_zemiro

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Julia Zemiro with guest Kerry O'Brien
image - supplied/ABCTV

In the most diverse series yet, Julia Zemiro travels around Australia to take some of her favourite people down memory lane. As always the interviews are intimate, candid and Julia’s guests reveal parts of their life story that were until now unknown to viewers.  

The series launches with Kerry O'Brien. In this revealing and emotional episode, Julia takes Kerry back to his childhood in suburban Brisbane. He speaks candidly about his difficult and troubled relationship with the Brothers at St Laurence's College and the long-term effects of a career in journalism.

“It’s so interesting to see someone like Kerry O'Brien whom is this trusted and respected voice” said host Julia Zemiro when we caught up recently, “to see him side-by-side in a place where we wasn't always very happy.”

Joining Julia on the road for this 10-part series will be well-known faces including Glenn McGrath, Ben Quilty, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Miranda Tapsell and Denise Scott.

Julia with Rebel Wilson
image - supplied/ABCTV

The second episode of the series features Australia’s international comedy superstar Rebel Wilson,

“What I loved with Rebel is that we managed to get some old footage of her at boarding school and we juxtaposed it with the stuff we're filming today. Really she's someone who always loved performing for a camera. She used to film her classmates and her doing stuff. What you'll see now is a woman who's had incredible success making people laugh all around the world.”

The diverse series is full of memorable moments, so much so Julia has a tough time picking her favourite episode.

“I kind of love them all I have to say, but I think for me one of the ones that was most surprising was Greig Pickhaver (HG Nelson), He was happy to open up about his past and his childhood. I just love that he was really candid about going, "Yeah Adelaide don't love it. Don't need to come back here. I didn't like it. Had to get out." I think a lot of people feel they've got to get out from where they grew up.”

Julia with Stan Grant
image - supplied/ABCTV

“Stan Grant's another one, he says Australia kind of made him feel limited, he had to leave Australia to figure out who he was. Not everybody gets that opportunity but I think that's why Australians often do leave, they do piss off overseas to try and just to see the bigger picture.”

The fourth episode of this season features arguably Australia's greatest intellectual export Geoffrey Robertson,

“He just comes from a really normal background. He went to a public school. When you see the episode it's really him as a kid, constantly asking himself at a young age, ‘Why do all these adults keep making these stupid decision? There must be ways to stop adults making stupid decisions.’ He went on to do studies that would help him figure out how do you make change by challenging laws and by challenging people's decisions?”

2016 will be a big year for Julia Zemiro whom will also travel to Stockholm in May to host SBS’s coverage of Eurovision with comedian Sam Pang. The broadcast has become a huge ratings hit for SBS, particularly since Australia commenced competing,

“The good thing about this year is that we're in a semi, we don't just go straight into the final, we have to actually compete to get through, I think that will be really exciting. We're in semi-final 2, I'm really looking forward to it.”

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery with guest Kerry O'Brien premieres Wednesday 3 February at 8pm on ABCTV