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Marc Fennell and Jeanette Francis
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This week, The Feed co-hosts Jeanette Francis and Marc Fennell, continue to bring you news outside the loop, covering the topics you never knew existed…


Monday 15 February

If You Are the One – Behind the Scenes special

Looking for love…in front of millions. With exclusive access, The Feed goes behind-the-scenes on the world’s most popular dating show, If You Are the One, following a group of Australian singles as they compete for love – or, at least, at date - on the toughest reality TV gig in China. It’s a wild ride from auditions, to the dressing room, and eventually to host Meng Fei’s side.

Imperfect Mandarin, double eyelid tape and a few shots of potent rice wine are compulsory.


Tuesday 16 February

Dying wish: Most Australians would prefer to die at home than in a hospital but few do

The Feed goes inside the homes of two terminally ill patients coming to grips with their final days and trying to make sure they spend them with the ones they love.

It's estimated 70 per cent of Australians would choose to die at home, the reality is less than 15 per cent of us do.

The Feed looks at one Australian palliative care service that has bucked the trend by sending its hospice to the patient's home.  


Wednesday 17 February

Lofty Fulton

Most people in Australia would have heard Lofty Fulton's voice on their TV or radio. He is the voice artist behind things like Masterchef and Spelling Bee and he is a regular feature on Sky TV and 2GB radio.

What people don't know is that behind that big voice is something pretty unexpected - Lofty was born with dwarfism.

"I made a decision very early on in my career and very early on in my life that I was not going to go down the circus freak angle," says Lofty.
"But that’s the beauty of voice overs ... it’s anonymous we’re faceless people and you generally wouldn’t know we exist."

Lofty speaks to The Feed about what it's like to be the voice over artist that no-one expects, and how living in a world built for people of average height can take its toll.


Thursday 18 February

Driving high: Why roadside drug testing is under the microscope

Does the science behind road side drug testing stack up? Its supporters say it is saving lives and getting dangerous drivers off the roads but a recent court decision has ignited debate over whether the tests are fair or faulty.

The Government says you must wait 12 hours after consuming cannabis before driving but many drivers say they have tested positive days after smoking weed.

The Feed travels to the regional town at the centre of the controversy, where a local magistrate criticised the testing regime as “mysterious and uncertain”. Ruling in favour of a young driver who said he tested positive a week after smoking marijuana. 

The Feed speaks with drivers who say they are victims of a flawed test and the country lawyer who is campaigning for a change in the laws.


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