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PREVIEW: The Walking Dead returns with conclusion of Season 6 | @Foxtel

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After a patience-testing summer break, The Walking Dead finally shambles back onto screens Monday.

DO NOT MISS THIS - they’re going to tell stories about this night. Big episodes always open and close the seasons, and this one’s no different - as usual, we’re going to be bidding people farewell.

When we last saw them, the Alexandrian survivors were in dug in, the wall around the town had been breached and the streets now swarmed with walkers. Pretty much, the worst-case scenario imaginable, and every major and minor cast member appears to score some finality on one hell of a hot topic, so you know this is going to be a scorcher.

We pick up where we left off with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham blindsided by a bunch of bikie bushrangers, the heated stand-off has the final half of Season 6 off to an explosive start. Turns out Negan’s men really don’t like being asked questions, so there’s still a ton of mystery as to who they are and, more importantly, where they’re from… either way, this moment is going to have big ramifications down the line.

In the final moments of Season 6a, we saw Morgan’s attempt at rehabilitating the crazed Wolf backfire spectacularly, with Carol and he now unconscious and the Wolf escaping with hostage, Dr. Denise. He’s swiped their guns (and Eugene’s knife, not requested) and he’s on the run with the terrified doc.

Carol’s not going to take this lying down - twice we’ll see the payoff to her “kill or be killed” attitude. Unfortunately though, the Wolf’s bite turns out to be worse than his bark...

Glenn’s back from dumpster diving, Enid in tow, and working up a plan save his pregnant wife. Will the pizza boy deliver the goods in time?

Things had gone seriously pear-shaped for the crew holed up with Rick; biters had broken into the house, mayor Deanna had turned and they were forced to pull the ol’ walker guts disguise trick (from way back in season one) to head outside.

Side note - the whole disguise thing works really well, so why don’t they do it all the time? This is only the second time they’ve done it in about 3 years since the world fell apart, this would’ve been really helpful a whole bunch of times. Glenn in his riot gear plus innards outfit equals cosplay favourite.

Rick, Carl (holding Judith), Michonne, Father Gabriel, Jessie and her sons Ron and Sam work their way through the herd holding hands. This particular scene is pulled straight from the comics and although readers know what might lay ahead, the tension made this feel like it last 127 hours. Make sure you have the sound up for what might be the show’s most aurally intense moment yet.

All episode we’re seeing Rick whiplash emotions, right up to the very finish; the poor guy doesn’t get a break. Still, he’ll patch things up and rally who he can. Not only that, but we’ll witness a side of Rick we haven’t, well, ever - one filled with hope?!

This episode doesn’t set up tons for the rest of the season, but instead put down a whole lot of full stops on the stories from the first 8 eps. Negan obviously is going to be a looming threat, because the Wolves have been sent packing. The town finally found their trust in each other (except for Morgan, and screw that guy) so it looks like we’ve got a solid unit moving forward.

Three fist-pump moments to raise the roof for:

  • Eugene gives a speech that’ll have you praising the power of the mullet
  • Father Gabriel finally grows a pair and earns his keep (more power speeches here!)
  • Daryl stands like an 80s action hero!

The Walking Dead returns Monday 15 February at 1.30pm (Express) and 8.30pm, on FX - Foxtel

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