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INTERVIEW: Dicko embraces the Happy Judge for AGT | @Channel9 #GotTalentAU

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Ian 'Dicko' Dickson
image - supplied/Nine Network

Variety show Australia’s Got Talent has had mixed fortunes on our TVs.  It launched on the Seven network in 2007 and lasted for six seasons before being picked up by Channel Nine. 

After just one season, the show was axed due to low ratings with the network announcing in 2014 that it wouldn’t be back.

Then there was a change of heart and just over a year later, Nine had decided to revive the concept with the a new line up of judges. 

The show’s current incarnation has enjoyed more success than its predecessor, even though the Seven juggernaut My Kitchen Rules consistently out-rates it.

AGT is pulling consistent numbers and holding its own over the heavily promoted I’m a Celebrity; Get Me Out Of Here on Ten.  

Its success is due to the ‘talent’ that’s being unearthed, host Dave Hughes and cast of judges: Eddie Perfect, Sophie Monk, Kelly Osbourne and Ian “Dicko” Dickson. 

Dicko is no stranger to the judges’ desk, having got his ‘start’ on Australian TV on Australian Idol in 2003.  After being absent from our TVs for a few years, he happily admits he’s having a blast on AGT.

“We did all the initial episodes in Melbourne back in November and we’ve all come back to Sydney for the semis.  We’ll then disperse and come back again in March for the finals.
We had such a laugh in Melbourne and we became mates, so we were hanging out to get back to together.  I hope it shows on screen, because I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a TV show where the cast has got on so well.  We’re having an absolute hoot”. 

Eddie Perfect, Sophie Monk, Dave Hughes, Kelly Osbourne and Ian “Dicko” Dickson.
image - supplied/Nine Network

Whilst the competition on Seven has played up the rivalry and the ‘mean spiritedness’ of the contestants, Dicko says they wanted to take away the spite of competition and create an old fashioned ‘good night in’.

“Yeah, we wanted to create a point of difference with other shows.  Obviously it’s a talent show, but we wanted it to be a celebration of human endeavour, joy, fun, camaraderie and spontaneity.
It’s like going to the circus! And we’re constantly uncovering Australians’ weird and wonderful party pieces. 
And that’s what the show is about; it’s not just about someone who’s sat in their room practising for hours.  It’s also about “Mad Uncle Reg” playing the spoons.  What’s not to love?”

The Nine Network would have to be happy with the ratings thus far, no doubt looking to create another solid performer like The Block. 

Much like The Block, much depends on the mix of personalities and with its current judging panel, the mix is just about perfect.

“You don’t get furrowed brows (on the judges’ desk).  You get laughter and fun from us too.  That’s what’s so nice about this show.  I’m loving it”.