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Where is Baby Tegan? This weekend on 60 Minutes | @60Mins

ProgrammingKevin Perry

image source - Nine Network


It’s a simple question with a diabolically difficult answer. Is Tegan Lane dead or alive? She was last seen as a two-day-old being carried out of a Sydney hospital by her mother Keli, an aspiring Australian Olympian.

That was 20 years ago, but the mystery of what happened to baby Tegan after that has never been explained. Instead there has been any number of theories and wild accusations, mostly to do with the bizarre behaviour of her mother, Keli Lane – sordid stories about sexual affairs and secret pregnancies. In 2010, Keli was found guilty of murdering Tegan, even though her body has never been found. Now, in a last desperate bid to prove she is not a baby killer, Keli’s parents, Sandra and Robert, break their silence.

Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Rebecca Le Tourneau


Food glorious food – we obviously need it to live, but what’s staggering is just how many of us it is killing. Enormous appetites have made us the third fattest developed country on earth, and one million Australians are now so obese their only real hope of a normal life is increasingly radical weight loss surgery. If it goes well there can be extraordinary transformations, which prove less really is more. But should we be operating on young children? And how young is too young for these drastic operations? Tara Brown first met 14-year-old Ashlee Young two years ago as she made the difficult decision about whether to go under the knife. Ashlee today will amaze you.

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Gareth Harvey and Steve Jackson


This is a story that was almost over before it began. Just days before Liz Hayes was to film with real-life skiing Superman JT Holmes, he was trapped in an avalanche and buried alive for six minutes. As with everything JT does, this ordeal was captured on camera. JT tells Hayes he’s unfazed by his brush with death and he puts it down to one of the risks of being an extreme sportsman. JT Holmes hurtles down mountains on skis, jumps off cliffs and flies through the air. He’s leading a new generation of sport stars who need to test – and show off – the risky limits of their athletic skills.

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Phil Goyen