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Optus triumphs, Telstra plummets in Netflix Speed Index | @NetflixANZ @Optus @Telstra

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Results for the latest Netflix Internet Service Provider index have been released today and Optus has again taken the top spot with an average speed of 3.52 Mbps, slightly down from last months peak of 3.65 Mbps.

The result see’s Optus remain just ahead of rivals TPG and iiNet, which took the second and third places, respectively.

The monthly survey conducted by Netflix is designed to tell consumers which ISP is providing the best prime-time streaming experience. Optus, TPG and iiNet have an advantage in the monthly survey due to the direct peering arrangements they have negotiated with Netflix.

Telstra once again came last in the survey, the score of 2.34 was the worst the Telco has performed since August 2015

Internationally Australia remained well behind the rest of the world with an speed of 3.09 Mbps

The Netflix ISP Speed Index lists the average prime time bitrate for Netflix content streamed to Netflix members during a particular month. Netflix calculate the average bitrate of its content in megabits per second (Mbps) streamed by its customers per ISP. Streaming via mobile networks is exempted from the measurements. The speed indicated in the Netflix ISP Speed Index is not a measure of the maximum throughput or the maximum capacity of an ISP.

Data Source - Netflix

Data Source - Netflix