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Sex will never be the same again - Luke Warm Sex | @LukeWMcGregor @ABCTV

ReviewSteve Molk

Luke McGregor gets a lesson on apples from Madison Young
Image - ABC

There's something to be said about getting your education on all things sex from a complete stranger. No emotional attachment, less embarrassment, the opportunity to ask questions and even if judged know you may never see them again.

Then there's the chance to challenge your anxieties about intimacy, touch and all things sex on national TV. If that's not confronting then I'll walk naked through the Bourke Street Mall.

Welcome to LUKE WARM SEX.

Host Luke McGregor is one of Australia's fastest rising comedians with good reason. His performance is nuanced and his content reflects his fears against society that is all to quick to never admit a failing. He's also a part of the excellent ensemble cast that makes up Working Dog's UTOPIA.

Luke Warm Sex is McGregor's first opportunity to host his own show, and given the subject matter it gets very real, very quickly. He's the first to admit his short-comings(!), his lack of sexual experience, and his lack of knowledge around the broader areas of intimacy, touch and good ol' sexy times.

This show is a small part of his journey to overcome that which has held him back in the past. A real look at how our heightened fears - both real and irrational - can affect the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with our partner.

Across the six episodes it doesn't hold back either. Those looking for titillation would be better served seeking programming later in the evening - this is as much fact as it is a shared experience with the host to learn more about the things we maybe don't do so well.

Luke is charmingly awkward & entirely self-conscious, and this vulnerability he shares opens the door for all viewers to take part in the discovery process (my guess however is you'll be glad your pelvis wasn't bounced on for 30 minutes). His approach and willingness to thrust himself into the process shows how hard it is even in 2016 to discuss the subject to hand.

Keep a special eye out for the many McGregor boneheads throughout the series - an absolute highlight.

Luke Warm Sex is probably more than you wanted to know, but a whole lot of things you likely needed to know - delivered in a factually entertaining manner.

Luke Warm Sex (6 episodes) - starts Wed 16 March 9pm, ABC.
(All episodes on iview after first episode airs.)