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The Real Housewives of Melbourne season 3 episode 5 reaction podcast | @Foxtel @RHOMelbourne @leishamccormack #MTTpod

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Dear listener, you are cordially invited to the wedding of Wolf Pup & Gamble in this, the S03E05 reaction pod ep for the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MELBOURNE, featuring the delightful ALEISHA McCORMACK.

No RHOM wedding ever goes smoothly. There's always controversy and this time it's Gamble's "bestie" Gina that brings the pain - while all the others create their own special and unique brands of chaos. The Byron on Byron is the locale for the controversy and you won't want to miss a minute of: missing & stylish husbands; Celebrity Apprentice-gate; even more slack-jawed Ruprecht; Lydia & Jackie v Pettifleur; Alin *WAY* out of his depth; and the but-could-it-be-washed-out (we've all seen the promos and know it couldn't be) beach wedding of Rick & Gamble.

MolksTVTalk the podcast has been hijacked for this season of RHOM as (usually Nic & I but for this episode it's) Aleisha & I record a reaction pod for every ep, available just after the episode has aired.




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