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AIRDATE: You’re Back in the Room with Daryl Somers | @Channel9

ProgrammingKevin Perry

Daryl Somers
image - Nine Network

The Nine Network has confirmed Sunday, April 3rd is the date Showbiz legend Daryl Somers will return to television to host as host of the new comedy series You’re Back in the Room.

Contestants in this truly hypnotic game show will have the opportunity to win big, but pocketing the cash will be anything but easy.

Standing between them and their fortune will be their own subconscious thoughts, because in You’re Back in the Room each contestant will be hypnotised by world-renowned hypnotist, Keith Barry.

Barry will put them through a series of crazy games where tasks need to be completed in order to win a maximum cash prize of $20,000 for their team.

After he has messed with their subconscious is when the fun really begins. Mayhem ensues as the contestants lose all inhibitions.

The cash pot accumulates throughout the show before the contestants attempt to win as much as possible in a fast-paced final where they’ll have to work harder than ever to overcome their hypnotic hindrances.