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Preacher of Hate - This weekend on 60 Minutes | @60mins

ProgrammingKevin Perry


We now have a frighteningly clear picture of the next terrorist who will attack Australia on home soil.

Chances are he’ll be a lone wolf, a young radicalised Muslim man armed with whatever is at hand: a knife, a gun, a car. As we have seen already on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney, his victims will be selected at random. But it’s unlikely this young jihadist will be acting alone.

Lurking in the background will be one of a new breed of online recruiters, charismatic and ready to exploit pent-up grievances and anger. This week, for the first time, you will meet one of these hate preachers. His name is Abu Haleema, and he lives not in Syria or Iraq, but in the safety and comfort of London.

In this exclusive 60 Minutes investigation, we reveal for the first time the big following Abu Haleema already has in Australia, and just how he is spreading his online message of hate and terror to our kids.

Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Stephen Rice


Baby Willow is three months old. She’s beautiful and perfect, and thankfully for her, blissfully unaware of the angst she has caused her parents, Sam and John Callahan. When Sam was pregnant a routine scan revealed a deadly tumour on Willow’s lung. The outlook for the unborn baby was bleak until a very clever and courageous Melbourne surgeon decided to defy the odds and attempt a high risk in-utero procedure never before performed in Australia. It was delicate and dangerous surgery – and just the beginning of an incredible battle by an extraordinary group of medicos to save Willow, all captured by 60 Minutes cameras. 

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Rebecca Le Tourneau, Alice Dalley


In the ultra-competitive world of digging up the past, the significance of new archaeological discoveries is often measured against the greatest of them all - King Tutankhamun. Ever since the discovery of Tut and all those golden riches in Egypt's Valley of the Kings almost a hundred years ago, we've been hoping for something to rival, or even beat it. Now, we just might have found it. Using space age technology - lasers, 3D scanning and thermal imaging - a group of researchers thinks they’ve found where the famed Queen Nefertiti lies. And as Michael Usher discovers, her tomb may be much closer than anyone ever imagined.

Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Steven Burling