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For the first time on TV, Michelle Bridges and her family talk about her becoming a mum at 45, her relationship with ‘Commando’ Steve Willis and taking on the junk food industry.

“Building Bridges,” airing on Australian Story on Monday April 18, features frank and intimate interviews with Michelle, her family, her husband Steve and former husband Bill Moore.

“There will be things that have to come out of my life in order to have this whole new chapter, and that’s absolutely fine.” - Michelle Bridges

“It was a communication connection that drew us together, rather than anything physical. Her willingness to listen.” - Steve Willis

It also gives a behind-the-scenes look at life with baby Axel, now 4 months old.

“It never entered my head that she would have a baby, I thought no, she’s a career girl,” says Michelle Bridges’ mother, Maureen Partridge.

The program traces Bridges’ remarkable journey as the daughter of a broken home in working class Newcastle who last year was named on the BRW list of Australia’s richest self-made women.

She’s been described as Australia’s most influential health and fitness expert.

Three years ago she split with her husband and then-business partner Bill Moore.

“That was a very difficult time. I felt that I didn’t want to leave the relationship, I didn’t want it to end but Michelle wasn’t in the same space,” Bill Moore told the program.

When she subsequently began a relationship with her Biggest Loser co-star Steve Willis, it created a sensation for gossip columnists and photographers.

“Gosh, when it was identified that Michelle and I were in a relationship, the paparazzi! And the stories,” recalls Steve Willis.

“She is now a nationally known person, which means her life for good, bad or ugly is always going to be out there.” - Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Bridges says having a child has strengthened her ambition to tackle the junk food industry which she says is making children sick. It’s an issue she would like to focus more on in the future.

“We’re now seeing children that potentially have a lifespan shorter than their parents. Never before have we ever seen that globally.”

“I’d like to get out there and start fighting the fight for others who can’t fight the fight.”

Australian Story: Building Bridges – airs Monday, April 18 at 8pm on ABC & iview