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NBA Playoffs - Live this Weekend on ESPN | @Foxtel @ESPNAustNZ

SportKevin Perry

image - supplied/ESPN

One of the most exciting NBA regular seasons we've ever seen is finished, and now begins an even more gripping postseason.

With the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs making their third playoff games this week, all that’s left is a two-month long wait to see who will be crowned champions. The Golden State Warriors entered the postseason with the biggest advantage having finished with the record number of wins in NBA history.

The San Antonio Spurs trailed just six games behind the Warriors and entered their 19th consecutive postseason matchup with just one home loss in the regular season and a new single-season franchise record for wins. It may be a difficult fight for the remaining teams who will have to put some extra work in to divert the two favourites away from the crown.

Friday 22nd April LIVE @ 11:30am Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets

Saturday 23rd April LIVE @ 11:30am San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies