2016 Logies wrap with Mark Humphries

Julia Morris
Image - Nine

MARK HUMPHRIES and I settle in and reflect on the 58th TV WEEK LOGIE AWARDS.

The fun, the shocks, the banter, the controversy, and the fact that it's still technically running.

We chat about the overall impact of what was a pretty good Logies, all in all. There's talk of CRAIG MCLACHLAN and MIRANDA TAPSELL; THE LIVING ROOM; the length of the show; JULIA MORRIS; DAVE HUGHES; PETER HELLIAR and KITTY FLANAGAN; WENTWORTH; JIMMY BARNES; THE PROJECT; WALEED ALY and more.

It was a hell of a night, and one where for the most part the Australian TV viewing and voting audience got it right. Enjoy our special brand of hot take, made for your auditory pleasure.



Mark Humphries - @markhumphries

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